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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Hymnodia 2020 Stanza 3 was a world class outing but Margaret got hymnvicted

The hymntestants on stage
It was only the first eviction and the drama has just begun. Hymnodia 2020 Stanza 3 brought with it all the drama and twists that Hymnodia 2020 Season 2 promised and more! The world class entertainment, education and collective edification was about to start on the television sets.

The Judges
For those of us, who were privileged to be live in the studio, the evening started with adoring praise and worship. After all, Hymnodia is the art of worship. After edifying God and lifting up our souls to Him, the real action was focused on the stage which wore a unique look this particular evening.

There were opportunities for those in the studio (Hymnodians) to turn themselves into instant stars as we were all given opportunity to climb the stage to sing a hymn. Unbeknownst, there were hidden stars seated all around us and they were instantly noticed. Here's a tip: next time, ask for an invitation to be in the studio to watch Hymnodia 2020 happen before you live!

The judges were in place. And this last stanza witnessed an explosive outing for Hymnodia 2020 stanza 3 which was about Hymns of Salvation. They were reshuffled into five fresh trios, with a task to render each hymn in two tunes blended in sweet harmonic flow.

It was an edition that I had looked forward to, so I relaxed and flowed with the show.

From the beginning, the Dean of the Hymnstitute and season anchor, Ben Ogbeiwi heightened the tension all the more with his many twists!

First, the big question on every body's mind was who gets hymnvicted today from Hymnodia? The nine hymntestants not on probation exited the stage leaving the six who had the carried the threat of hymnviction the entire week.

You could touch the tension as gradually, one after the other, they were pronounced 'safe'. Elizabeth. Json. Jacob. The shocker happened: Margaret who came all the way from Kaduna into the Hymnstitute, had not received enough votes to keep her in the Hymnstitute. So, Margaret got hymnvicted on the night!

You can watch on any of these channels
But hymnviction or no hymnviction, Margaret still had to perform along with her chosen trio that evening. It was her parting performance and the fate of her teammates depended on her.

Guess what? Margaret who was the one going home, gave her team mates in the trio a grand opportunity to stay back in the Hymnstitute as they rendered the classic hymn Amazing Grace.

Their performance was so good that the Dean of the Hymnstitute created yet another entry into the Hymnovocabulary just for them. Their performance was a hit, singing one hymn with 2 different tunes! They went from classical to contemporary and wrapped up with a touch of negro-spiritual.

Hymnodia 2020 will surely miss Margaret. She had everything it takes. I guess votes didn’t just come in for her when she needed it most. And that’s the reason why, hymntestants must seize each performance opportunity to shine and avoid probation. In the event of probation, the responsibility turns to their fans and general viewers to vote them back into the Hymnstitute.

That evening was all shades of beautiful. The Hymntestants looked amazing kudos to whoever is putting their costume together.

It wasn't Margaret's trio alone that shone that evening. All the teams did so well that the Dean of the Hymnstitute had to create more twists!

The Hymnodia Choir
The trio of Elizabeth, Echezona and Ediomo gave an awesome performance of “The Saviour Calls Let Every Ear”

The trio of Victor, Jason and Jessica gave a sterling rendition of “Take My Life”

Performances over, the Judges visibly had a difficult time choosing between the Hymntestants. By which time, the roof was getting higher and higher, as the tension pushed it further and further into the sky!
The audience
Oh Echezona. He had no clue he was the safest of the hymntestants! He was on probation previous week and dared going into probation again. He thought his team was going again until the Dean's twist saved them. He fell involuntarily and bowed down in worship and thanksgiving!

You should have seen him. His action moved the entire hall and in sheer excitement of being saved by a twist Ediomo dared to lift the Dean up in a bear hug!

Joy and happiness filled Hymnodia 2020 Stanza 3 and we didn’t want to leave when it was over.

Back to the Hymnstitute, Margaret had to bring down her photograph from the Hymntestants' wall and wave goodbye as she headed to Kaduna.

Margaret's last photo at the Hymnstitute 
See you next week at the Hymnodia 2020 studio… It's beyond singing.

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