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Friday, 21 February 2020

More Family Fun As HYMNODIA Season 2 Hymnstitute Opens On Sunday

Managing Director of Philosoville Limited and The Executive Producer Of Hymnodia Mr. Kufre Ekanem (2nd Left) Showcased the Asaph and N5m up for grabs to would-be lucky winner in the upcoming Hymnodia Season 2

Hymnodia is here again. Hymnodia Season 2. And N5million naira ready again to be grabbed by a lucky winner. But also more importantly is the opportunity to win the most valuable 'Asaph' by the eventual winner, a trophy which comes with a lot of biblical history! 

(Left to Right) Mrs. Ezine Ekanem, Mr Kufre Ekanem, Benneth Ogbewi and Dupe Ige Kachi 
Addressing the media parley somes hours ago, the Managing Director of Philosoville Linmited and The Executive Producer Of Hymnodia, Kufre Ekanem, excitely announced that Hymnodia Season 2 is ready to open on Sunday the Hymnsitute comes alive and receives the finalists for the competition. He also shared with us the process that has brought the finalist togethjer, since the call for entries early this year.

“At midday on 1st January 2020, we announced the opening of entries for Hymnodia season 2." Ekanem said and continued, "the conditions were simple: upload a 60-second video of yourself singing a hymn and then visit our website to fill a form online. Over two thousand entries and videos were sent in from 24 states across the country (and some from countries outside Nigeria). 250 of these were invited to Lagos for a two-part physical audition which lasted over three days. After day 1, 76 applicants were selected for the second part which included hymn writing tests. From these, 40 of the applicants emerged before the faculty reviews. 

"Today we are happy to announce that the Hymnstitute will re-open on Sunday February 23, 2020 for the second season of Hymnodia. 

"14 prospective hymntestants have been invited to the admissions day on Sunday. However, there is always a twist with Hymnodia. Which of them will make it onto the season proper? We invite you to be witnesses to this on Sunday. Television broadcast of season 2 will be on your screens every Sunday and Wednesday from March 1, 2020. Our concert of Hymns, the Hymncert, which serves as the grand finale of Hymnodia 2020 will hold on Thursday May 7 or 14 (depending on which location wins the nod of the faculty to host the finale).
Hymnodia Season 1 winner Kenneth Ekhuemelo

Kufre Ekanem also told us why Hymnodia has turned out to be a toast of the viewing public, "the great thing about Hymnodia, is that Hymnodia is not a franchise. It is a home-grown culture impacting creative expression. Thought out and created over a 10-year period right here in Nigeria. Yet, as indigenous as it is, Hymnodia it is world-class and complete. Benchmark it against the very best across the world and see where it stands. Now, we need to tell the Hymnodia story far and wide. Many of you have asked why we didn’t involve the media as much as we should have during our pioneering season. The answer is that we wanted to let the product speak for itself. We focused our energies to cooking the broth and we left the taste of the pudding to the eating. Unsurprisingly, it has grown to well within a time span that two years ahead of our plan. Hymnodia has arguably the best tail in reality television. The Hymnodia post season includes such engagements as Hymno Trivia, HymnoStory, the Hymn Masterclass, Hymnodia on Radio, etc. Now we need partners, sponsors or supporters for this vision to keep traveling at this trajectory."

He also gave some highlights about the success of Hymnodia Season 1, "“Hymnodia turned out to deliver beyond our imagination and hopes. I will speak a bit more on this but let me give thanks to God for the great first season as I salute the ingenuity and grit of the team of leaders who worked tirelessly to make it happen. There are many of them here.

“Using only our resources and inputs from a few friends, Hymnodia maintained 14 weeks of world class television content, kept an exemplary Hymnstitute of 14 hymn lovers drawn from diverse backgrounds together for 14 weeks, engaged over 30 million people over multiple media platforms, received franchise requests from 5 countries, wrote 72 new hymns, moved from one television station at commencement to 9 across the country due to popular demand. In each station that Hymnodia ran on, we were in the top 3 of programs for the period we aired."

Also at the Press briefing were the Producer of Hymnodia Mrs. Ezine Kufre, Ben Ogbewi, Dupe Ige Kachi one of the judges, Hymnodia Season 1 winner Kenneth Ekhuemelo, Ist Runner up Season 1 Olumide, Mr Ajibola Bolaji the Choirmaster, Koko Uno and others. 

Mrs. Ezine Ekanem reminded us all on what Hymnodia stands for. "Hymnodia is a wholesome reality-type multi-prong program revolving around members of a world class choir of Nigerians who contest for the status of best hymnodists while collaborating to render soul-lifting renditions as a choir. Hymnodia is designed to refocus the audience and society in celebrating the almost forgotten art and value of hymn-writing and renditions in diverse forms. We promised that Hymnodia will be entertaining, educative and edifying, the Triple-E promise. Today, we look back at the beginning as we prepare to launch out with a new season on the hymntastic journey."

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