AMOTEKUN Must Have All These, Before It Can Succeed! Says: Gen. Ishola Williams - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Monday, 13 January 2020

AMOTEKUN Must Have All These, Before It Can Succeed! Says: Gen. Ishola Williams

 Nigerian Army Retired General Ishola Williams have given panacea that will make Amotekun: the new security outfit in the South West of the Nigeria, to succeed.

General Williams who just returned from United State of America into the country, said that “safety is ‘bottom up’ and territorial security is ‘top down’ through cumulative safety at the Local Government Areas.” He said further that, Community Police is for the people of the state, by the State and the people of the State.

“Amotekun I believe is an organised Vigilante Force which is not new! It was done in the South East backed by law but the State lost control. OPC was the Vigilante Force in South West which covered the Serious Safety Gap which the Federal Police could not fill.

“Amotekun created by states Governors should not be seen as Hisbah which is a religion police to enforce compliance with Islamic code. IPOB sees itself as a liberation movement with political and military wings popular with the youths and Igbo Diaspora Elements, but not with most of the Igbo middle class who are benefiting like their class from other ethnic Groups from this era of primitive accumulation in the country! 

“OPC which has been around for over a decade now, started like IPOB but later reduced the rhetoric of liberating Odua Land and has over the years, acquired experience working on safety in the South West and is a solid foundation for the Amotekun. OPC has great experience working with the Federal Police. 

“However, as for the Agbekoyas and the Hunters, they have to be trained and given new orientation completely to merit being part of Amotekun. They must be trained with special programmes in one of the Federal Police Training Centres in South West as they require good trained human Intelligence units and good Communication System to perform well and not just rely on informers.”

General Williams went further to add that, in order for Amotekun to succeed, “they should not be given arms since there are many safety gadgets that can numb but not injure: And should be linked to the RRS or SARs which becomes Emergency Response Force.

“They have to be paid the minimum wage with allowances, life insurance and severance pay and stated if contractual or pensionable if they become LG Community Police in the future.

“Finally, they must create an Operation Centre in one of the States with other Security Agency Reps and not forgetting a Rep of the State Council of Traditional Rulers: And must have an enforceable Code of Conduct.”

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