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Thursday, 12 December 2019


Renowned writer and political communication scholar, Dr. Tayo Popoola has introduced a new concept in the training of investigative journalists in Nigeria.

Dr. Popoola, a former editor of several Nigerian newspapers and magazines said the book was motivated by the urgent need to stamp out or reduce brutality against media professionals in Nigeria.

While noting that several promising and enterprising investigative journalists have been kidnapped, injured, assassinated, molested and brutalised, Popoola said any right thinking person must be concerned by such ugly incidents  pointing out that this was the main reason that led to the writing of the book.

The book interrogates the current training of journalists in Nigeria with the  practice and suggested the need to fine-tune the training in a bid to arm journalists with better skills required to gather their stories without being eliminated by the growing enemies of the press in Nigeria.

The book is the latest in the series of textbooks published by Dr. Popoola with the aim of promoting journalism practice in Nigeria.

The first was GSM as a tool for news reporting in Nigeria(2003),the second was Public Relations, Advertising and Promotions (2005),the third was Specialized Reporting :A Global Trend Media Training Volume. 1&2 (2012 & 2013),the fourth was Mass Media Law in Nigeria, a professional perspective (2015),the fifth was Introduction to Mass Communication (2017) while his latest book on Parrot Journalism is the sixth.

Meanwhile, outside journalism, Dr. Popoola is also the author of the following textbooks: Introduction to Government (2001),A Model Worker for Christ (2007),Youth Ministry and Family Lifestyle (2007) and The Man Tony Adefuye (A biography).

Dr. Popoola holds amongst others, a first degree in Political Science (Second Class Upper),PGD & MSc (Mass Communication ),MSc (Political Science)  and PhD in Political Science with specialization in political communication.

In his days in the media between 1984 and 2002, he was at various times Political Correspondent,Political Editor, Assistant News Editor, News Editor,Assistant Editor and Editor.

He currently teaches journalism and mass communication at the department of mass communication, University of Lagos.

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