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Saturday, 12 October 2019


By Zoe Oluwabusayo

There is a huge amount of attractiveness that comes with the concept of owning a business and being called the Chief Executive officer of a company but a lot of emotional agility and strength is attached to that title “C.E.O” which a lot of people need to know about.

When starting a business, the owner is first of all awarded the title before he understands the amount of pressure and prawning that comes with becoming the right person, directing the affairs of the business. You are first of all called a C.E.O before ever get the chance of knowing what it entails. It can be likened to a marriage, you are first of all handed the certificate before you understand what the concept means.

The first thing a Chief Executive officer must build up is himself because a lot has to do with who the person is because who is his will determine the extent to which the company will grow to, who he is will determine the type of product and service his business would give out and who is his will largely determine they kind of employee he gets and how they treat the clients that come through the door of their organization to do business with their company. Who a C.E.O is, what his belief systems are, his level and extent of knowledge will determine the foundation, growth and sustenance of the business that he started. 

A Chief Executive Officer must be someone who is mentally active and must be able to consistently improve on himself by acquiring new skills and knowledge. He must also be someone who genuinely desires that those who work with him grow themselves personally and professionally as well. A Chief Executive officer must be someone who is emotionally secured in who is his and what he knows that he must be willing to hire better people than himself in areas that he is weak in so that the growth of the business can be achieved.

An effective Chief executive Officer must be willing and ready to train his staff to full capacity so that their productivity level can be of industry standard because the norm now is that most C.E.O’s don’t like training their staff for the fear that they would resign their appointment with the company after their capacity building training which is not supposed to be. The cost of an untrained staff in the several rungs of the factors of production will product detrimental effects and cost the company a lot more that when they staff are trained. Furthermore, when you train your staff and they leave the employment of your company, they go to other company or countries to improve on products and services of those companies thereby contributing to the economic development of the country or wherever they find themselves.

Desiring to start a business which would provide an umbrella for people and help develop the economy is a laudable and desirable thing to do but there is a price to pay for that desire.

If you are willing to put your hands on the proverbial plough and continuously work on self-improvement for higher skill acquisition, then you are most ready to become an effective C.E.O with significant impact on the individuals who work with you, the community in which your business is located, and the economic status of your country.

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