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Tuesday 22 October 2019



The world has shifted significantly in many dimensions because of the advancement in the thought processes of man to find better ways of improving his life and living conditions. The shift from the agrarian age to the age of industry all the way to our modern day of technology and information is mainly because man saw a need to make sure that he lives better than his predecessors. He does this by thinking about the state of things as it is as to how it could be.

Information technology which is the rave of our moment has improved the lives and living conditions of man in many ways. For one, it has made living simpler and easier and has significantly affected the way business is done. Information technology has broken the barrier of proximity and has turned the whole world into a global village where interactions are made significantly possible within seconds. Access to places, people and products are now real time. You can sit in the comfort of your home and get anything you desire right through the use of your mobile phone. Indeed, technology has made everything simpler, more accessible and easier.

The world is much safer because of the use of technology as people who choose to commit crimes can now be easily apprehended and punished because of the use of technology in surveillance matters. Security has been beefed up through the use of technology and threats of invasion has really been minimized and monitored by the use of technology. There is a real time surveillance scrutiny of people, places, countries and events according to internal and international laws guiding nations and their interactions with one another.

Everybody must now be attuned to the use of information technology because anyone who does not learn its use would be left behind in this fast paced world so age should not be used as an excuse to not learn the use of technology. The future of our world is significantly based on the knowledge, use and improvement of technology.

However, no matter how great we sing the praises of technology and how it has improved our lives significantly; we cannot but be bothered about the side effects of its use.
For one, technology is replacing the human interaction that has kept the human race in connection with each other for millions of years: these kind of replacement is not good for social interactions and our humanism. No matter the praises we sing in favor of technology, it can never replace human feelings and the emotions we share amongst one another which makes us human and humane.

Technology and its over-use is also building a generation of millennia’s who have being depraved, through the use of technology, the rigor of thinking and the significance of brain work.  Because information, sometimes, false information, can be derived at the click of the button of the phone, a large population, especially the youth have let go of the importance of research and rigorous thinking so they just believe everything that is posted without even checking the accuracy of the information they are being fed.

Also, technology has increased the deceptiveness of living as a lot of people write and say things on social media with the help of technology spread this information which may have no ring or iota of truth to it.

With that been siad, our world is better off with the use of technology because of the numerous benefits it has brought to our lives, however, in as much as we understand that information technology has come to stay, we must also take measures that it does not wipe off the great part of our humanity and solidarity as a people.

We must take care that technology does not replace our lives, human interactions and that which has helped to build the foundation of our society from times past. In as much as technology is great for us, we must look inward and preserve those things that have being binding us together as a people.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO E-mail: Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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