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Friday, 11 October 2019

Inspiring change and Youth Participation in Africa's Economic Revolution


To attain its economic transformation and create decent jobs, Africa governments and private led organizations needs to join hands to promote youth entrepreneurship, the founder Africa Youth Leadership & Economic Summit stated.

Sucex Bright who turned 37 this month has distinguished himself as a trail blazer and a social change-maker.

He had successful corporate career experience having worked with Shell Nigerian Gas, Finland Bank, Mek Oil & Gas and later on Mekatrice Diagnostics Ltd where he brokered a partnership deal between Newham University Teaching Hospital East London and MDL before deciding to invest his time towards empowering Young people across Africa to create partnerships that work in order to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Sucex consults for a number of high profile organizations around the world. In 2010 he became the youngest Director at Integral OD, a Management Consulting firm in the United Kingdom and Italy, where he overseas West African Region developing training programs for middle level Managers.

In 2014, Sucex became the Business Development Manager at London Academy Business School for Nigerian Business. He was later the same year appointed The Country coordinator for Africa Youth Chamber of Commerce & Investment. He was recognized amongst 5 most promising Young Leaders at the 2017 edition of the Ghana/Nigeria Achievers Awards in Accra Ghana amongst other winners from Morocco, Tanzania, Egypt and Sierra Leone.

He is the founder Africa Youth Leadership & Economic Summit, an emerging brand and an umbrella body for youth Entrepreneurs in Africa With conferences Hosted annually in different cities in Africa.
In this interview Sucex Bright highlighted the need for a conscious and deliberate inclusion, integration and mainstream alignment of youth entrepreneurship in the micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) sector, which is an engine that assists in driving the economy. Adopting that attitude will act as a credible means of addressing the challenge of youth unemployment.

With 70% of young Africans accounting for the youngest in all the continents exemplified by the fact that the youths between the age of 25 years to 40 years old or even younger are either out of jobs, under-employed or without a business, Sucex who hosts Business Day SMEclinic believes that the need to boost entrepreneurship is critical to harnessing their energy and advancing Africa’s economic transformation and industrial development.

“The biggest business opportunities in the coming decade will be created by Africans startups that can, generate jobs and wealth, and capture growth opportunities”, AYLES founder stated, Africa and its regional organizations needs to pursue an ambitious continent-wide initiative to generate jobs through small and medium-sized enterprises”.

At Africa Youth Leadership & Economic Summit our vision is to build an Africa network of young Entrepreneurs and business leaders of African descent empowering them to make lasting connections in other to create positive changes in their communities for the benefit of the continent. 
This we do by hosting International conferences in different cities in Africa Inspiring and motivating young people; equipping aspiring emerging business leaders with leadership tools for business success, through facilitating and building business networks, and providing the platform to build relationships between businesses across the continent and the Diaspora as well as offering people with unique business ideas the opportunity to start off their business through financial support and technical assistance.

“Creating jobs, decent jobs, for Africa’s fast growing population” remains the key to reducing the number of young people not in employment, education or training and is critical to ensure peace, greater social cohesion, political stability, and economic progress”, Sucex Bright underlined.
Although concerted efforts are being made at different levels by government through many intervention programs to address the challenge of youth unemployment, the situation has remained apparently overwhelming and with the dire need to reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty among the youth, the following need to be done by relevant stakeholders:
To promote an entrepreneurial spirit, there is need for serious investment in training by engaging technical partners who can transfer skills that can help young people scale in their chosen field, the need to strengthen a cadre of home-grown business leaders through training to be able to access regional and global markets and drive growth in a sustainable and inclusive manner is one way we can begin to consciously raise the next generation champions.  In the last 9 editions we have hosted delegates from 11 Africa countries at AYLES conferences that seeks to empower them to create partnerships which helps them to build businesses across borders, the 10th anniversary edition holds from 15th – 16th November at Golden Tulip Hotels Festac Lagos, this conference and many others going on in the country is one way we can gather and inspire young Entreprenuers. 

Furthermore, there need to be conscious efforts dedicated to providing access to affordable funding, support services, interest free loans, grants for budding entrepreneurs to be better equipped to run small scale businesses and be able to mentor others.

To achieve greater business growth and entrepreneurship there is need for a conducive business and investment environment, business friendly policies, labour mobility and social cohesion with political stability, Sucex highlighted.
Follow sucex @aylesafrica

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