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Saturday, 14 September 2019



Life is growth and development; growth and development takes time, it involves a process of learning, discovering, becoming self-aware and self-conscious of who we are and what our natural gifts are. The process of growth develops us and makes us bigger, better and wiser, if we take the lessons of each stage of our growth and use them to better who we daily become.

There are several aspects of growth though not limited to the mentioned: we have our physical, mental, emotional, psychological and relational growths and each individual goes through his own process.

The interesting thing about the processes of life that leads to growth and development is that it comes in different forms for different individuals but in all, it is meant to teach and nurture people into maturity to become the very best of who they are.

For example, a child has to be physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and relationally ready to move up the ladder of his educational process before he is moved to the next step of his academic pursuit. However, a lot of people tend to rush up that ladder, thinking that faster is better and sooner is success not knowing that each step of the rung of the ladder that is missed has consequential effect to the growth of that individual in the future. When a child is pushed up the educational ladder without properly developing, he lacks certain developmental elements that will show up in the future of that child.

When a university student goes up the ladder of his education by cheating to pass examinations, those acts of untruthfulness would have a detrimental effect to the individual in the future and then to the society at large.

When an artisan does not spend the number of years required to learn a certain trade or craft but leaves his apprenticeship prematurely and parades himself an expert who knows the nitty-gritty of the trade, he will not only damage his reputation, integrity and standard but will also waste his clients precious time, energy and hard earned cash. When he is given a job to do and it is done haphazardly, there would be complaints, regret and waste of resources on the client’s part.

When a professional does not stay long enough on a satisfying job to learn, grow and develop himself and his career but hops from one job to another just to rise up the rung of the corporate ladder quickly, his mastery of himself and skills would be inadequate and this eventually shows up in negative ways.
Most people want it faster; they want the success quicker and the fame rapidly that they forget that the process of life itself comes slowly and steadily to produce solid and secure.

When a student cheats to pass an examination, he would definitely have inadequately knowledge about the subject matter, his acts of cheating to pass examinations means that his moral code is on a downward spiral. Sadly, the community and society suffers because when it comes to the practice of that profession, his past cheatings would come out in the form of bad behaviors and bad job outcomes.

When a child is rushed up the educational ladder to attain classes well above his development growth, he suffers low self-esteem, would lack concentration in class and might not understand the lessons that are being taught.

When a professional does not stay longer enough on a job to learn, the consequences of that shows up in his relational and professional skills at his future jobs.
To eat the fruit of maturity, the dues of respect and patience for processes must be paid.
No one can successfully skip the growth and developmental processes of life, it will always come back to haunt the individuals in more ways than one.

Respect your process, be patient to learn, also, be patient to grow.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO  E-mail: Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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