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Monday, 9 September 2019


Last Saturday, 31st of August, the City of Lagos came alive with funfair and fashion as Mykmary Fashion Show 2019 was held. The long awaited show came alive with lots of fashion designers and entertainers who registered their presence at the venue.

Co-Founder Michael Onyemah of Mykmary Fashion Show, later spoke to us in this interview on how they were able to achieve so much within such a short time of existence, and how it all started.


How long did it take you to plan and organize this fashion show?

It took us three years to go into planning and execute Mykmary Fashion Show 2019. And we thank God it came out with huge success.

Why did you choose to put this show together at this time?

We discovered that the sector in Nigeria is so wide that so many aspects has not been practiced and put in place. So, our fashion show talks about not only to have a fashion line but also to create a fashion platform in terms of Fashion Designers, Modelling Agency, Fashion Journalism, Media Crew, Cosmetics, and so on, from indigenous Nigeria, to international market.

What inspired you to organize this fashion show at this present time?

When it comes to our inspiration to organize this Fashion Show, it still boils down to what I said earlier that there are lots of talents in the fashion sector that needs to be seen, there are bigger markets to reach, so we hope to bridge the gap between the average Nigerian fashion designer and the international market.

Who is the brain behind Mykmary Fashion Show

There are two people behind MykMary fashion house, that is, Mary Onyema and myself.

Who are your target audience?

We are targeting the upcoming fashion designers, not those that have already made a name. We are targeting the average Nigerian fashion designer to showcase them to the international market.

How has it been, dealing with support or challenges that come with society’s perception of fashion?

Well, the thing is this, when you're coming out with a new idea, people tend to look at you from afar. They want to see how far you can go, both corporate bodies and individual, they watch you from a distance. They want to see if you can achieve something, but by the time they see limelight, they want to be part of it. Like what you see here today, it’s the first edition. You can imagine what the next edition will be. We had to be focused, despite the fact that a lot of designers and corporate houses were watching from a distance.

Where do you see Mykmary Fashion Show in the next 5 years?

As our slogan says ‘...projecting Nigerian fashion designers to the international market’. Our projection is that 5 years from now, we want to have 50% of Nigerian fashion designers at the international platform through MykMary fashion show, MykMary fashion party, MykMary fashion exhibition, MykMary fashion conference, or MykMary master class. We would have also achieved the MykMary fashion awards.

Mykmary Fashion Show 2019 has come and gone, how did it go?

The maiden edition of Mykmary fashion show 2019 attracted several visitors from within and outside Lagos including business people, investors, sales agents, manufacturers, business representatives, potential customers, and those seeking for joint-venture partnerships in the fashion industry. Among the designers that showcased on the runway of Mykmary fashion show were House of Meenah, Jade Crystal Crafta, G.Ratel Clothing, Elegant world of Nashas, Born King Artistry, Gaks Collection and Dabira clothing.

Can you tell us more about Mykmary Fashion, how long has it been running?

Mykmary fashion promotes Nigeria fashion brands, it was conceived and created due to the fact that Nigeria the largest population in Africa with her fast growing dynamic economy and one of the future stars in the world which today attracts exporters and investors from all over the world. This has led to huge demands for the Nigerian fashion sector.

Lagos state, being the business hub of West Africa is running today more than 50% of the overall Nigerian economy with its West Africa hinterland. Mykmary fashion provides enabling platform and opportunity to showcase product and services from Nigerian fashion trends. Mykmary fashion officially started this year and this is our very first event.

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