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Monday, 2 September 2019


Entrepreneurship is a long term thing where an individual builds an entrepreneurial venture through products or services, all from the realm of the intangible, which is an idea.
Entrepreneurs are dreamers as well as doers, they dream about improving the lives of people and wake up to pursue that dream to actually make the lives of people better by the type of quality products and services that they give.

On the long stretch, anyone who desires to become an entrepreneur cannot be lazy, laidback and lackadaisical, moreover procrastination is not an option for anyone who wants to be a successful entrepreneur.
Entrepreneurs are people who are committed to lifelong goals and objectives of building an enterprise from the ground up.

Entrepreneurs are those who are given to constant and consistent self-improvements for they know that the quality of their personal growth directly influences the quality of their entrepreneurial growth.

Entrepreneurs are people who are dogged, determined and resilient at the face of setbacks, problems, disappointments and hindrances. Despite the fact that they often are misunderstood by people, they move towards the direction of their dream despite being misread.

Entrepreneurs are people who have personal integrity, personal discipline and wisdom. They are those who would not do anything shady just to be known, seen or heard.
Entrepreneurs understand the value of networking and building credible communication lines with people of integrity and of high standards. They take care that both their personal and entrepreneurial lives are devoid of any things that might tarnish their character and the brand they are building.

Entrepreneurs are those who delay gratifications for a foreseeable future they have envisioned in their heads. They do not have the bandwagon effects, that is follow what every other person is doing just to get ahead. They are calculative, deliberate about their choices and make conscious decisions concerning their personal and business lives. They are not easily swayed by the common trends and what other people say and do. They are people who live a life that is peculiar to them and their vision. They do not have the herd mentality because they understand the power of vision and preparing for the future by their choices of the present.

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers. They take measured, calculated and matured risks. They do not run away from challenges that seem daunting or refuse to face a situation headlong that they do not know how it would turn out. However, they have the faith and belief that if they can conceive an idea, then, with deliberate steps and some measured risks, they can achieve and birth forth their dreams.
Entrepreneurs are those who understand the word “failure” because they know its importance in building any entrepreneurial venture. They do not run away from failure nor do they fail deliberately, however, they know that any failure that they encounter and experience does not define who they are and what they do. Failure for them is an event and not a person.

Entrepreneurs are those who are internally secured and other people’s successes and achievements do not make them feel inferior. They know that each man’s journey is customized to him/her and each must go through his/her own process to get to their height of success. They do not backbite and run people down because they understand the importance of honesty.

Entrepreneurs are those who give back to their communities. They understand the value of community wealth and progress so they plan to carry as many people as they can carry onto their path of success and significance. They are not people who hoard their knowledge, they have learnt the value of giving and sharing because they know that the success of others does not in any way impede their own success, moreover, it makes the net of successful people larger and stronger which is a prerequisite for future and community success.

Do you desire to become an entrepreneur?
Be prepared to reschedule your priorities. You will only do the things that are essential to your personal and business growth.

Be prepared to work extra and longer hours to achieve your dreams.
Be prepared to work hard and smart at the same time.
Be prepared to let go of what does not work.
Be prepared to submit yourself to mentorship and new learning consistently.

It takes a little bit of time to make the decision to become an entrepreneur, it takes a lifetime to start, build and sustain the entrepreneurial enterprise, for that is where the real work lay.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO E-mail: Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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