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Friday, 20 September 2019


Comrade, High Chief Gaius N. Aham a.k.a Okaka-Kamso, a past Imo State Gubernatorial aspirant shares his view with Emmanuel Clement on the state of the nation.

You were a gubernatorial aspirant in the last elections in Imo state, what later made you to withdraw from the race?

The leadership of the party talked to me, pleaded that I should step down. People's Redemption Party National leadership intervened and as a servant leader of which I am, I had to obey the National leadership of the Party. As it stands, looking at what happened at the last general election in Imo state, the election was not free at all, the worst election ever since the history of Imo state since Democracy started in Nigeria. After that election, Imo state has had the largest number of petitions in the tribunal in Nigeria today. Meaning that, what the National leadership of People's Redemption Party (PRP) saw by telling me to step down was right.
If you had gone on with the election, and emerged the governor of Imo state, what would you have done?

Had it been I emerge as the Governor of Imo state in this last election, I would have put in place good governance and progressive  leadership which has been my watch word. Remember I had a ten point agenda which would have brought Imo back to lime-light again.

In your view how would you rate the performance of Nigerian leaders?

Firstly, this present Government of APC and the President Muhammodu Buhari leaders administration has failed Nigeria woefully in the sense that there is still corruption in the land, stealing of Nigeria money, killings, and the economy has been affected. What is left? The futures of the youth presently in Nigeria is at stake which is one of the problem causing agitation for division.

The so called Christians Association Of Nigeria (CAN), Pentecostal Fellowship Of Nigeria (PFN), and other related societal bodies should set good examples but imagine CAN is said to have paid 3 million naira to kidnappers for kidnapping 500 Christians in Kaduna state, the same Kaduna state strange fire came gush and devour the people oppressing Christians some years past. CAN seems to have lost its value.

That kind of payment is corruption which the bible kick against in (John 10:10) That the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came that they might have life and have it more abundantly. CAN has forgotten what they are called to do.

This present leader, Buhari when he was sworn into office, he vowed, he took an oath to protect the citizen of the nation, now there is  is extra judicial killings.

A nation like NIgeria shouldn't be built on fraud. The President as the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, should be able to protect its citizens.

Today killing in Kaduna state, tomorrow killing in Zamfara. The military has tried but the killings continues.

The President has to do something to stop the country from sliding down more to chaos.

I advocate for youth leadership. The government and people of NIgeria should give the youths chance at leadership. The older generation seems to have failed us. Afterall
President Buhari was 32 years when he was military head of state and he is still there now.

Going by the situation on ground do you think APC will be able to manage its victory in the 2019 election?

APC in some quarters is considered not to have had victory in 2019 general election, i think it is a stolen mandate. A former governor of Imo state alleged that the election was rigged. And there electorial discrepancies here and there. So it can be considered a stolen mandate.

Your advice for this administration?

President Buhari should have a listening ear. Let me take you back when he was a military head of state. Volkswagen collapsed, many companies folded up. This time around it shouldn't be so, let him develop the economy, let him give youths opportunity to develop the economy.

What is your take on the state of the nation?

My take on the state of the nation is, the Good governance people yearn for has been denied.

We want a Nigeria where the son of a nobody become somebody without knowing anybody.

In Nigeria, the youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but they have no base, has no foundation, why because the self centered fraudulent colonial masters them.

As it is, the quote "The youth are the leaders of tomorrow" has no base in Nigeria.

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