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Wednesday, 21 August 2019


We all have dreams to become great in life, be successful and make ourselves and our family proud, especially for those of us from this part of the globe where our social system does not adequately take care of her citizens, where citizens cannot really rely on the social system to plan their life and their economic/social growth.
However, no matter how bad the situation of the country that we live in may be, social structure-wise, it is actually a fertile ground for growth of new business ideas to be planted and harnessed. 

The late Bahamian preacher Myles Monroe once said that “where there is a problem, there is a business” and because of the social problems that we are yet to find a proper solution to as a nation, it means that citizens are the solutions to those problems, in only they can raise above the negative notion of “things can never work in this country” to began to have a mental shift about how we all can become solutions providers to the numerous problems around us. 

If we can make the decision to go the honorable way, stop cutting corners, look for credible solutions and have the tenacity of purpose in whatever we do, things will begin to turn around for everyone. If each one can overcome and transcend above the normal stereotype of pessimism, then we will have more people willing to make things work.

In as much as a lot of us do not condone the uneven distribution of the resources of the land amongst the citizens, contributing negatively won’t help anyone either. 

If most people are able to get this line of thought, there would be less of desperate people amongst us who would do just about anything to become successful or wealthy. Chief amongst those who do desperate things are those who engage in very horrific vices to become rich, vices that come at the expense of those who honestly go about their normal lives, trying to make their individual lives better. I stumbled on the video of a fourteen year old boy who was caught, attempting to kidnap a four year old. When apprehended and interviewed he confessed that that was his stock in trade. He would kidnap young children and sell each one for fifty thousand naira. 

There are those who see nothing good that can come out for them as they continue to stay in this country, despite the fact that foreign nationals come into the shores of this country in droves to establish business because of our large human resources and fertile arable lands. 

Trans border movement is not a new thing. It had always been in existence but the economic deprivation of some nations has made it rampart. Citizens from developing nations now find solace in the fact that they can move to another economically buoyant nation to take care of themselves and their families which in itself is nothing illegible but a lot of people have made it a “do-or-die” affair. 

These categories of people believe that if they do not leave the borders of this continent, they would never amount to much. The danger with this kind of thinking is that, it closes the hearts and minds of those who have so much cling to the ideas of leaving this country to sojourn in another that even if they see an opportunity dangling within their very sight to become success in this country, they won’t recognize it because they are mentally no longer attuned to the place in which they live in. So a lot of people get to tell lies about who they are in a desperate attempt to leave this country for another.

Even when they secure the visas of those desirable countries, most of which are visiting visas, one in which the foreigner has to live in that country for a certain period and then move back to where they came from, a lot do not come back. 

Worse are those who even engage in activities that are against the laws of the nations they went to on a visiting visa. 

These people not only embarrass themselves but also the nations they are citizens of, they give their nation a bad name because they do not adequately represent the good portion of their country. 

Developing nations are called ‘developing” because they are not yet advanced in technology, their social systems isn’t adequate with limiting cultural practices amongst other peculiar things, however, if all stakeholders do their part, the sum total of their synergic move will slowly but consistently move the nation from developing to developed within a short space of time. 

The desire to do great and become success is laudable but adding desperation to the mix turns it in a new thing entirely. Desperation puts a limit on the thinking of people, it block the mental capacity to think things through. When one is desperate, the person disregards rules and laws just to get ahead. 

A saddening and frightening video went viral recently of a Nigerian who throw himself from the fourteenth floor of a high rise building in Indonesia just to avoid arrest and I am guessing that he may think he wants to be deported. Fortunately for him, he didn’t die but both his hands were visibly broken, almost severed from the rest of his arms. The video showed the hands detached from the rest of the arms and so were his legs too, practically cut off from the rest of his body but just hanging loose by some piecse of flesh. 

His limbs would definitely to sever and who knows what the Indonesian government would do after treating him. Maybe he would be deported without limbs and then what becomes of him? 

Have desires and learn to look for opportunities where you are and if you desire to make another economically viable country your new homes, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that either. Just don’t have a mental blockage as regards your travelling to another country, it renders one mentally impotent.

Have a desire but let it not cross the border line into desperation. 

ZOE OLUWABUSAYO, Email: Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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