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Wednesday, 21 August 2019


She spoke with so much pride within her circle of friends about her mum and what she does for a living. Her mother is the only professor of Aeronautics Engineering that the country has produced, who had also represented the country at so many international conferences pertaining to Aeronautics and Aviation. Her mother, despite her busy and tight schedules had brought her and her sister up with good principles and sound value systems.

Her eldest sister had followed their mother’s line of career to also become an Aeronautic Engineer from one of the foremost universities in the world,  however, the younger sister, who was speaking within her circle of friends about the pride her family gives her, is studying to be a lawyer, a constitutional lawyer. 

Amongst her circle of friends, only a few could boost about their family in the way Elise does, not out of arrogance and disdain for the other friends but with a sense of gratitude that her mother had chosen the path to become the very best of who she can be.

The above descripted scenario is a common thing amongst people whose parents choose to leave a legacy of hard work, integrity, right attitude and knowledge for those who would come after them; be it their children, relatives, co-workers or anyone who is associated with them in one way or another. 

Know that when you choose to do the right thing, you are choosing to become a point of reference and a reference of pride for all those who are associated with you in whatever form. When a person chooses to do the right thing, no matter how difficult the processes are, he or she has laid down a legacy of pride that most people find difficult to do. 

When you choose to become the very best of who you are, you are not only doing it for yourself, you are extending that tenacity of purpose, determined doggedness, shrewd decision making and building a high standard for those who would create a nest underneath the figurative tree you are building. When you take the road less travelled, you are building a reference point for those who would read about you in the future, giving them the hope and bravery of purpose that it can also be done by them if they choose to follow their path. When someone has done something before you, with a track record of competence, when some had gone down a particular path in life and had come out successful, the person automatically has built a blueprint for achieving success in that particular field of endeavor or any other related field.

A blueprint is simply an outline of what an individual have done and the process he or she had gone through which can be taught to others as a pathway to success and progress which is why people who have achieved success in one area of life are being called upon to inspire others, especially those just coming along.

Know that everyone has an influence, you are influencing someone either positively or negativity by your actions or inactions. Whatever you do will become a reference point for someone in the future to draw inspiration from. 
Be the very best that you can be so that others can draw inspiration from you to become better than their present or former self. 

However, if those around you are people who chose to be lackadaisical with the choices that are making or have made, find someone, either remotely or physically that you can draw inspiration. It could be from a book, your faith-based organization or online mentor to draw out strength from them. In this age of information and technology, no one should have the excuse that they do not know who can inspire them; we have lots and lots of positive influences all round us.
If no one close to you is inspiring you to become great and successful in whatever area of life you want, don’t despair, the first assignment for you is to choose to become the very best that you can be. 

Then  look for people who can inspire greatness in you and associate with them in whatever form that you can. Draw from their wealth of knowledge and use that to propel you to where you want to get to. If no one close to you gave you a positive point of reference and a place of pride, make the decision to give those who would come after you one by choosing to become the best of you in whatever field of endeavour.

You owe your world that much.

-  ZOE OLUWABUSAYO, E-mail:  Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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