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Monday, 8 July 2019


A lot of people desire to change careers, that is, switch from being paid employees to be employers of labor. They desire to build businesses that would add value to people, improve their conditions of living, profit from the business and employ those who would work at different departments of the entrepreneurial venture, building careers from their job descriptions.

However, most do not achieve this desire; they just dream about it and do not do much to see it come to fruition. Most times, those who have careers whose pay give them the means to be in comfortable life always have difficulties leaving the job to start something new, especially as an entrepreneur.

Most are afraid that they may not to achieve what they in the mind to do because of the number of failed businesses that are prevalent. More so, they observed a number of people who went back to paid employment after their attempt to start a business did not work out as planned.

The fear to leave a career that gives one a regular source of income is heightened when there are family obligations to cater to. There will be bothering questions of feeding, housing and clothing of the members of the immediate family especially if the breadwinner of the house is the one planning of switching from paid employment to entrepreneurship.

The fears that those people feel are real and reasonable especially considering the socio-economic terrain that we have in this part of the world. However, switching from being a paid employee to a hiring employer is doable, possible and visible if only those who desire to switch can strategize well ahead of the time before resigning from their paid jobs.

They must plan their finances to make sure that they can still fulfill family duties and obligations after resigning as those bills won’t stop coming in.

They must know the sector of the business market they want to build their entrepreneurial venture in.

They must be willing to learn what it takes to succeed in their newly chosen field of endeavor.

They must strive to give out excellent products and services.

When building their entrepreneurial venture, it must be an organization that people will be able to build their various careers from and become the best of whom they are.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO E-mail: thezoeconcept@gmail.com Phone No: 0809 433 7280


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