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Monday, 8 July 2019



Principles are universal but its application may vary from society to society, values are also self-evident but the methods via which people use them may be according to the context of the situation one finds himself. In business as well, there are principles that work for people irrespective of their place of abode or type of business that they are engaged in. Persistence is one of the salient business principles that everyone who wants to succeed in business, leaving a legacy of integrity and purpose, must embrace, for in business growth and development, there are several turmoil and turbulences.

For I have seen people who gave up too soon in their entrepreneurial endeavors because they could not make ends meet for a certain period during the incubation process of the business and concluded that they won’t succeed in building an entrepreneurial venture from the ground-up.

I went for a business seminar once and the management consultant who took the class told us of the commencement of the multi-million naira business that the company he runs now is. According to him, when he started, he had a business partner who was overseeing the operational side of the business while he took charge of the business management and training part. T

The business struggled for about 5 years which affected the finances of the business but the partners held on until the second partner decided to pull out of the business. He said he was no longer interested in the business as it was not footing his personal and financial obligations. His friend, the one who told us the story, said he encouraged him to stay on and fight for the survival of the business as it has a very robust potential. He further on went to tell us that he told his partner that he had a premonition that they would soon break forth but the partner had had enough, he wanted out. He asked to be bought out of the business and because the first partner didn’t want to destroy their friendship for the sake of posterity, he went to borrow some money from an outside source and bought his partner out.

Two years later, the business boomed and became one of the most sort after management consulting company within the country having international roots and affiliations. To make matters very interesting, the partner who stayed on became an international acclaimed speaker and a best-selling author.

Anyone who would achieve anything great in life as well as in business must learn to be persistent as well as consistent.
Persistence is premised on several salient factors.

Amongst the first is for the entrepreneur to have a vision of where he wants the business to be in a span of certain years .i.e. have a 5, 10, 15, 20-year goals and objectives in sight. When you have the vision of the future of the entrepreneurial venture you are about to start, write them down in a jotter and date the projects. Keep re-visiting the goals which means that you are keeping the goals in your sight and mind. What is consistently in your sight is what you will continually work on.
Begin to build yourself for the future that you have imagined in your head.

Build up a portfolio of credible relationships that have travelled or are travelling in the same direction as you are heading. Do an audit of your friends and associates and ask yourself this question: will my association with this people aid in my life’s journey?
Have daily habits that would take you to your vision. Be conscious and deliberate about the use of your time because as an entrepreneur, your most valuable resource is time and as an entrepreneur, you will get paid for the value of the time that you give.

Then lastly, do not give up irrespective of any setback or failures that you have experienced or are experiencing. There is a process to everything that must stand the test of time. Be tenacious about your entrepreneurial venture, know that you are building something that would outlast and outlive you, providing personal and professional developments to countless of people both born and yet unborn.
Learn to hold on because if you truly believe in that vision that you have seen in your head, you will fight for that entrepreneurial growth and development.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO, E-mail: Phone No: 0809 433 7280


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