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Tuesday, 2 July 2019


Africa's richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote
By Zoe Oluwabusayo

There is a certain kind of glamour which follows entrepreneurs that people who are not into any entrepreneurial ventures have a false assumption of, for entrepreneurs have an aura of accomplishments and authority that is very attractive and quite desirable.

These false assumptions have led to the loss of finances for many people who have hurriedly rushed to start an entrepreneurial venture that they know nothing about.

Being an entrepreneur is not all glamorous though it has an appearance of glamour, from a distance. People who are entrepreneurs put in more time into their various entrepreneurial developments than an average person puts into his job.

An entrepreneur who is either just starting a business or running an all-ready established business, devotes more time into the success of that venture. In short, an entrepreneur judiciously makes use of his time than the average person because he knows that the resource cannot be replenished. So while others are still sleeping in their beds, an entrepreneur is wide awake, working on the entrepreneurial development because he doesn’t want it to fail.

An entrepreneur has embraced more failures and setbacks than the average person without giving up and this is what people don’t get to see because they don’t wear their business pains on their faces. An entrepreneur turns his entrepreneurial setbacks into lessons to be harness and stepping stones to the next level. So when you see an entrepreneur who seems to get it together, just know that the individual has triumphed a lot of failures and setbacks.
Calculated risk taking is a hallmark of the entrepreneur. He takes calculated chances, he doesn’t sit in his comfort zone hoping and wishing that things would turn out right.

Entrepreneurs go all out to look for opportunities or they create one. They are able to spot an opportunity and build on it. They move out of their comfortable position to engage in productive things that an average person may find inconveniencing.

An entrepreneur is a reader. He is not averse to self-development or learning. He is always seeking to know more and become more because the best of himself will be revealed when he knows more.

He is humble and nice to all people.  He knows that being nice is part of business and people who are snobbish or look down on others are not likely to become successful. He is very conscious of the way he relates with others, he does not look down on anybody and people know that entrepreneurs are one of the most humble people on earth. They understand the value of people, they invest in people and they do not mistreat them.

Entrepreneurship is mainly about the fulfillment of individual purposes and adding value to people than it is about making money and showing off, for entrepreneurs build businesses that add value to people and make their lives more comfortable. Entrepreneurs find fulfillment in knowing that their inventions, innovations, products and services give people satisfaction, first, before it brings any financial gain to them.

Entrepreneurs know that they have to give back to the society that they operate in because they value the people who are kind enough to accommodate them.

Most people do not understand that entrepreneurship is hard but very rewarding venture which takes the bravest of hearts to do. Entrepreneurship takes a lot of hard-work and those who are into it would fully understand this: that as much as it is difficult, it is satisfying, it makes provision for individuals, even those yet unborn.

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