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Tuesday, 16 July 2019


Most jobs seekers would prefer to work in established organization because of a number of reasons: Established organizations by the fact that they are huge have robust career progression for their staff irrespective of grade and years of service.

Established organizations are well organized because of the policies they have on ground to protect the employee as well as the employers.
Established organizations do not owe staff their dues or salaries. They are well remunerated and paid regularly and on time. 

Established organizations train their staff which lessens the rate of staff attribution.
In established organizations, the rights of staff are respected because of the policies those organizations have which are backed up by the law of the land.

Established organizations have brands that are well esteemed and anyone who carries the logo is accorded some kind of reverence. Established organizations give their staff prestige and honor amongst their peers in the business market. 

Established organizations with known brands have a certain respect in the business market that most people would make most people want to associate with them.

However, most available jobs are found in small and medium scaled businesses that are still growing their business enterprise to become large, so business owners running these kinds of businesses must begin to look into the future of their businesses and begin to build quality into their growing brands. In this way, small and medium scaled business will become attractive to job seekers who would be willing to stay and together grow with the organization. 

Furthermore, there are some important things that small and medium scaled business owners must know and do.

They’ve got to treat your employees’ right because their employees are the ones who will manage and interact with the clients who come to do business with their brand.  Treat employees with dignity and respect for the way you treat them will be replicated in the way they treat the clients. 

Likewise, make sure that you have a career plan for all those who work in your organization. At least, your employees must be able to project a career progression while working with you; this in turn will boost their morale to work productively and creatively.

As a small and medium scaled business owner  with employees working in your organization, make sure that payments of salaries and allowances are not be delayed, every worker is deserving of his wages and must be paid as at when dues.  

There should be no excuse when it comes to salary payment especially when they have put in their effort to get the business running.
Likewise, employees must be adequately trained to bring out the best in them and make them more productive. Business owners make the mistake of removing the allocated budget for training from the list of schedule for the business year because of the belief that it will be cost-effective, but this is hardly the case, some employees do not invest in staff trainings because of the rate of staff attrition after training sessions.

While business owners have little control over the rate of staff attrition, not training their employees would be counterproductive because untrained staff will caused much damage to the brand of a growing organization. 

What business owners can do to retain their staff is to provide conductive and enabling environment that encourages career growth and development. In this manner, employees, seeing that they have a bright future with the organization are more than willing to stay and build a career and a fulfilling life as well, irrespective of the size of business.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO E-mail: thezoeconcept@gmail.com Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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