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Saturday, 4 May 2019

When Ordia Ofeimun Took A Star Walk Down Allen Avenue To Alausa

What was celebrated Poet Ordia Ofeimun searching for when he decided to take a walk all the way from Allen Avenue junction area, all through to Alausa side of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Well it wasn’t like he was in a desperate hurry, no, he casually did a brisk walk that looked like he was just trying to stretch his legs in exercise.

But he forgot that he is a star of sort, and before he knew it, cars were parking, and many people were looking out of their vehicles to catch a glimpse of the poet who hardly has time for any other thing but literary work and activism.

The good thing about that long walk was that, Ordia Ofeimun was relaxed and he was replying and acknowledging greetings and gestures from so many that recognized him. Ofcourse many called out to him, waving. 

That seemed to have embarrassed him initially, but he braced up and continued the walk. For some moments, one was worried for him that he doesn’t get mobbed by his fans on that long stretch of walk.

Though one knows Ordia Ofeimun to be a man of the people, but the truth is, Ordia Ofeimun should not take such open risk of walking that freely. He is a celebrity of sort as he must have now realized from the way he drew attention to himself on that long walk and the resultant traffic congestion he caused on that road.

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