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Tuesday, 28 May 2019


See full text of Letter below:

Part 1

May 20, 2019

President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR
Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces
Federal Republic of Nigeria
State House
Aso Villa,                                                                                              Abuja FCT.

Your Excellency,

MAY 29TH 2019 AND JUNE 12TH 2019

The two dates mentioned above signify your appointment with the defining moments of the sublime destiny of our beloved nation and its loyal citizens who number almost two hundred million.

Whatever you say (or fail to say) on these two auspicious occasions would almost certainly determine the future of our country not only for the next four years of your second term but for all eternity.

Fortunately, you have already served notice that you belong to nobody (and belong to everybody) hence you cannot be held hostage. That was four years ago. Last week, you advertised your heartfelt concern regarding the widespread abject poverty all over the country. That provides us with the assurance that your heart is in the right place – to forge ahead regardless of turbulence.

Added to this is your campaign slogan which emphasised the journey to the “NEXT LEVEL”. The resonance has not subsided. On the contrary, it provides evidence that the full text and significance of the message to Nigeria (and Nigerians) is: “Without you, there is no us”. We share a common destiny. It serves to emphasise the centrality of the people as you embark on the next lap of your leadership. The vital and critical mission is self-evident – to HEAL our nation and engender HOPE, particularly for the youths having regard to the imminent population explosion and the awesome dimensions of the projected demography whereby the dominant segment would be under thirty-five years old but jobless, homeless and helpless. It is only exceptional leadership and uncommon statesmanship that can intervene meaningfully to redefine the economic landscape along with the political horizon where fragmentation looms large.

Fortunately, as a General you are entitled to place our nation on war-footing while addressing the TRUST deficit which has infiltrated and contaminated all three arms of Government – Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary. On account of FAKE NEWS, perhaps we should add the Press.

The task is ENDLESS, to wit (as components/drivers):
E =      Endless
N =     New Era
D =     Detailed (Engaged)
L =      Legacy
E =      Electricity
S =      Security
S =      Service Delivery

We are willing to assist with the details/methodology that would enable your officials to address each and every component. In any case, the issues are well known to you; and you have addressed them separately in the course of the last four years. However, what is required is a fresh Strategic Document which would inspire hope and commitment by all stakeholders. 

We would caution that those who may have given up or are skeptical should not be dismissed as false alarmists when they wave the flag of despair or insist that what lurks on the horizon is chaos as the precursor of the breakdown of Law and Order. Our patriotic duty is to disappoint them even though history compels us to draw the right lessons from the prolonged civil wars in Liberia; Ivory Coast; Sierra Leone; Democratic republic of Congo; Rwanda etc. which inflicted humongous direct and indirect casualties on the Nigerian military and Treasury.

The challenge is to ignite hope and sustain the zeal by setting clear goals along with independent periodic measurement /appraisal mechanisms based on the models adopted by Singapore; Malaysia; South Korea and Indonesia, to mention a few.

These two epochal events present you with an excellent opportunity to debunk the image of a detached President and deliver a powerful counterpunch to perceived/alleged disconnect between the government and the governed. The hot button issues have remained unyielding:
·        Corruption
·        Health
·        Education
·        Ease of doing Business
·        Railways
·        Roads
·        Fuel Subsidy
·        Report of the Auditor-General of the Federation

Whichever reset button you press will flash the same red flags. Indeed, to ignore them is to book a seat on the conveyor belt to doom. Providence has offered our nation a last chance for salvation and redemption. This is the time to restore confidence in our future prosperity and enduring success as a nation bound in unity and faith.

Hope springs eternal.
Warmest regards.

For: J.K. Randle Professional Services
Bashorun J.K. Randle, FCA; OFR
Chairman/Chief Executive

C.C.   H.E. Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN; GCON

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