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Monday, 27 May 2019


Sunday 26th May 2019 will go down memory lane for the huge crowd that gathered at the All Saints Cathedral Church Headquarters at Abalti Barracks in Surulere, the church where Kenneth, the winner of the Hymnodia ‘Asaph’ Season 1, worships.

For Kenneth, the day began on a normal note. He was seated as usual, in front of the church’s organ, pressing the keys to enhance the hymns of the worship service. Suddenly Hymnodia team arrived, and the mood in the church auditorium changed into unusual excitement.

On citing the familiar faces of Mr. Kufre Ekanem, Managing Director of Philosoville Limited and Initiator of Hymnodia, The Producer of the Hymnodia, Ezinne Ekanem, Hymnodia Judges: Popular Singer and musician, Onyeka Onwenu, Dupe Ige Kachi and Benneth Ogbewi, Kenneth adjusted his sitting position in front of the church organ, wondering, what could have brought such August visitors to his church.

But alas, his fears and worry did not last long as the Vicar of the church Major (CAN) B. David, formally introduced the Hymnodia team, and adjusted the church’s programme of service for the day, which included the celebration of the Ladies of Charity Society (Locs) 21st Anniversary, to accommodate the visit of the Hymnodia team.

Even at this point, Kenneth was not aware of the reason the Hymnodia team was in the church until the Vicar called out the entire team.

After thanking the church for having given Kenneth the opportunity of participating in Hymnodia Season 1, Mr Kufre Ekanem finally revealed why the Hymnodia team was at Kenneth’s church that yesterday morning.

“We are here to present Kenneth with his Star-Prize won at Hymnodia competition, a brand new Car which the team had brought and parked outside the church.” 

And the whole church exploded with joy and more excitement! In her speech, Onyeka Onwenu commended Kenneth for his well-behaved role while at the Hymnonia competition. She expressed her total joy in the concept of Hymnodia because according to her, it is “going back to the hymns that we were brought up with.”

The Producer of Hymnodia, Ezinne Ekanem then handed over the car keys to the Vicar of the church. After receiving the key from the Producer, the Vicar handed the car keys to the Director of Chaplaincy Services (NA), Col. Rev. B. Karuche, who said the prayers and blessed it. He then called on Kenneth, and formally presented same to him.

Amidst a thunderous applause and shouts of halleluyah, Kenneth collected the keys to his brand new car!

Yes, the congregation wished they hear the beautiful voice of the great music living legend sing. And as if on cue, Onyeka Onwenu sang one of her popular gospel songs to the delight of the congregation, who sang along with her.

The Vicar on behalf of the church thanked the Hymnodia team and promised that the church will encourage more of the members, to participate in Hymnodia Season 2.

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