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Tuesday, 14 May 2019


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By Zoe Oluwabusayo

One of the many strategies for building a business brand and getting visibility is by first determining your target audience and their locations, then engaging them. There are many social media platforms by which businesses can employ to connect with their clients for visibility, engagement, rapport and ultimately sales.

However, some business owners would tell you that a certain social media platform is the place where you will get your brand known and have connections with your target audience.

While this is may be true to a very large extent, however, it is not always the rule. Just because someone in the same business category with you got his clients, using a certain method does not mean you will acquire your clients the same way.

For those who are just starting their business ventures: know that while being conscious of the social media trend to determine where to get clients from in a credible way, it often does not follow that pattern.

There are some people who got their clients and built their business brands from closed groups on some media platforms that some people would never have thought about. As an example, a client of mine who is an award winning cake and confectionary baker told me once that more that 90% of her clients are derived from several closed whatsapp groups.

She further went on to say that her business brand grew to where it is today, more out of words-of-mouth than from social media platforms engagements. According to her, social media does have a whole lot of advantages for her business growth but she is driving more sales and visibility from referrals and words-of-mouth.

For you to know where to find your clients and engage intellectually, creatively and emotionally with them, you must learn how to cast your business net wide and see where you pull in a lot of contacts that generates sales for your products/services.

Do not limit your business reach, especially, when you are just starting out, to the business platforms your friends and advisors tell you. Engage in both traditional and social media marketing consistently and creatively and determine which ones are best suited for your business venture.

Driving your business to make more sales, building an engaging rapport with the audience and making your brand more visible are the needed ingredients to having a viable and enduring business venture; however the methods that would be employed in achieving this may not be the popular ones that you know or may have been taught.

Learn to find what works for your business growth and development. While principles may be universal, methods and its applications are always different and contextual.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO E-mail: Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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