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Monday, 11 March 2019


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Entrepreneurship is not for everyone because it requires a lot of hard personal choices and sacrifices that a whole lot of people may not be willing to take, not that there is anything wrong with the decision of those who do not desire to become entrepreneurs.

A lot of people experience fulfillment in their career pursuits and build very successful professional lives. Whether as a career professional or an entrepreneur, whatever one does must be tied to one’s purpose which should bring fulfillment and meaning to the individual engaged in the venture or job.
However, for the entrepreneur, their venture is always tied around their purpose of existence and the joy they derive from giving their products and services as value, which is always beneficial to people. The products and services that entrepreneurs give are actually derived from their natural abilities which they refine into innovative products and services and sell as value to people.

The first thing for any entrepreneur is the personal fulfillment that comes from knowing that a lot of people have better, more productive and easier lives by the products and services they provide.

Entrepreneurs do what they do because there is a fire burning in them to improve the very existence of people.

That is why an entrepreneur sees value in what any other person may not ordinarily see because their thought process is always towards seeking out newer and improved ways to make people’s lives better. They are always out to solve human problems.

He knows that he has to be a person of quality character and competence.

The entrepreneur knows that his character forms the foundation of his entrepreneurial venture and the quality of his personality sustains his products and services. The more his character grows, the more he inputs the quality of who he becomes into his products and services. The quality of the value that he provides through his products and services cannot be more than the quality of the person that he is per time.

Top on the priority list of the entrepreneur is also self-mastery and personal development. He upgrades who he is per time as the growth of his venture is very much dependent on his own personal growth and development, for as he grows and acquires knowledge, his venture too grows as well.

As he develops himself personally, his competence is developed as well.

The entrepreneur knows that the combination of character and competence are lifelines of his entrepreneurial venture if he wants to build an entrepreneurial empire that would outlive him and serve future generations.

Entrepreneurship requires a whole lot of choosing between credible alternatives and ranking priorities in an order of importance and effectiveness.

If anyone desires to become an entrepreneur, he must know that who he is and who he becomes are very important and salient factors in the quality of the value he gives to his clients in the form of products and services.

For the entrepreneurs, some things must come first to have stable entrepreneurial ventures that would become future reference points.

ZOE OLUWABUSAYO, is a Principal Consultant with Zoe & Phil Consulting Ltd. E-mail:, Phone No: 0809 433 7280

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