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Sunday, 10 March 2019


DG Lions Club District 404B 2 Nigeria, Lion Dupe Dada (seated) being screened for diabetes while Ilupeju Diamond Lions club President, Lion Toyin Igbenoba watch from behind her

By Paul Ukpabio

Ilupeju Diamond Lions Club yesterday held a free diabetes screening at the premises of Lagos Television also known as LTV 8, at Ikeja, Lagos. As early as 10am the club members had gathered at the ‘Combo Hall’ located within the large complex in preparation for the day’s health exercise.

Present at the event was District Governor for Lions Club District 404B 2 Nigeria, Lion Dupe Dada who commended the President of the Club, Lion Toyin Igbenoba and the other members for their unity and commitment towards the care for people in the larger society.

The District Governor urged the workers at the television station and all others that had gathered at the Combo Hall that particular morning, to take advantage of the medical exercise to know their health status. She also decided to show good example, by being the first to take part in the exercise.

One after the others, people from different departments of the television station and other invited guests, took part in the free medical exercise.

Speaking later to news men on the accomplished exercise, the President of Ilupeju Diamonds Lions Club expressed the reason for the clubs gesture to the general public.

“As you can see, what we did today was to hold a blood sugar screening exercise to ascertain those who have excessive in their bodies and suggest treatments for them.” The Club President also went ahead tell the reason of having the Lagos Television complex as venue for the medical exercise.

“We came down to LTV 8 because, most of the workers here, are in sedentary jobs: by that, I mean that majority of them are the type of workers that sit for hours at their various jobs without moving around much. Majority of them do not even know that their health issues are. So, we decided that since they don’t have the chance for going out, then we should come to them. One of the slogans of Lions Club is that, ‘where there is a need there is a lion.’ The people at LTV 8 are hardworking people and we felt the need that their heath state should be checked. That is why we chose to be here for the exercise.”

Lion Toyin Igbenoba also went on to say that, the Diabetic Screening exercise is one of the programmes of Lionism for this year. “In Lionism, we have 5 global focal activities for the year. This is one of them and a major one at that. We are always thinking of the next level at Lionism. Recently we were at Lasuth where we made some donations. So as we are finishing one project, we are thinking of another one. We are a service club, we give service to humanity.”
Asked why Ilupeju Diamonds Lions Club is always in the news, and the reason is because the members rich, or caring or because they are simply women?

Lion Toyin Igbenoba replied, “It is all of the above. At Ilupeju Diamonds Lion Club of Ilupeju, we are very caring. We are also an all-female club and again we are rich. You know when you have God in your life you are rich. We are 90% retirees in the club. We have dedicated our lives to serve humanity, to be good to others. Majority of the women in our club are elderly women. They are retired permanent secretaries and retired directors. I am a retiree myself. And we have all committed our lives to serving God by serving humanity.

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