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Saturday, 19 January 2019


By Damilola Adeyera

Alumni of Eko boys’  high school, Mushin on Sunday January 13th  rolled out the drums to celebrate the schools’ 106th founder’s day.

The celebration was combined with a Thanksgiving service held at Methodist Church Nigeria, Cathedral of Blessing, Mushin, Lagos.

Eko boy’s high school is a non-denominational private secondary school founded on January 1913 by a Reverend Father not for profit making.

His vision for the school was to create an environment for learning irrespective of the child’s religious and financial background. Alumni of the school are called “Ekorian”.

While delivering his sermon, Reverend M. O. Ogunsiji, the minister in charge of the church admonished the ex students to allow the light of love beam wherever they go to.

“A day is coming God will ask you how many people you have assisted to get promotion in that your office. Mind you the sit and position you are occupying today thousands of people have sat on that sit and today they are no more. If you know how to do good continue. If you know how to do bad continue.

There is a reward for everything.” Rev. Ogunsiji told the congregation.
He went on to pray that the year 2019 will be a year of peace, success, blessings, abundant and elevation for EKOBA.

As the service progressed, a moment of silence was observed for members of EKOBA who in the last year had gone to be with the lord. The congregation prayed that the good lord be with the families of the deceased.

Ekorian Rilwan Fashina, the Acting National President of EKOBA, said the celebration was a unique one in many respect as they were celebrating 106 anniversary of their school, also the 79th set are celebrating 40 years anniversary of passing out of the school, and other sets are celebrating 35 years, 30years and 25 years of leaving secondary school.

Ekorian Rilwan said “We are thanking God for keeping us alive up to this time for all his provision for us, for being able to come together as a group to contribute to our alma mater. We are in the course of relocating our school from to Mushin to Abijo on Lagos Island. The Lagos state Government is making a lot of investment and we as members of EKOBA are also making investment in that school,”

“A lot of us have come from Abuja, Port Harcourt so there are people here that I have not seen in the last ten years and am seeing them today so I feel elated. There are people in this service who attended the school before I was born but am sure to see them every January 13. Every January 13 is usually a special day for me because I get to see all these wonderful people. Many of them when I was in school we only get to hear their names but we meet here every year and we can relate with each other. It gives us the opportunity to network to assist one another and of course to know each other better.”

He advised the Management of the school to remain dedicated to the course of making the student. He also advised the students to make efforts to listen to their teachers as it is what they had learned several years that they are still benefiting from today.

Speaking also at the event, Ekorian Akinloye Busari, National Public Relation Officer EKOBA said it takes the grace of God for all of them to witness the celebration of a school that was founded 106 years ago. According to him, the past year was a trying period for the association as they lost their National president and two distinguished Ekorians saying “we that are alive we have no other cause not to appreciate God grace and mercy over them,”

Ekorian Micheal Abugo, a member of the ‘79 set, who also spoke at the event, said that, “106 is huge and calls for a celebration. This school has produced quite a number of people in academia, military, police and engineering. My counsel to the present student is to try their best possible to relate with the lyrics of the school anthem. The lyrics makes a whole lot of meaning so my counsel to them is to try their best possible to relate with the lyrics of the school and make it their beam."

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