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Tuesday, 4 December 2018


… holds AGM in Lagos

The association of Lagos State government employed medical doctors has raised an alarm on the on the steadily growing number of doctors that have been leaving the country in droves in search of greener pastures in foreign developed lands. The association says that if this trend is not abated soonest, it will spell danger to the health of the generality of the citizens.

Dr. Saheed Babajide the Chairman of the association, who spoke to newsmen at a press conference to kick off the Medical Guild’s 2018 Annual General Meeting in Lagos, lamented the trend, calling on the government, to intervene in the situation, to enable doctors to serve their fatherland and humanity after acquiring the much needed training here in Nigeria.

He pointed out issues such as better remuneration, opportunity to be able to get further training after residency, availability of equipments to work with at the hospitals, and the necessity for the government to check growing unemployment among medical doctors even in the face of lack of doctors in many areas of the country, as being areas that urgent attention by the government.

He insisted that attending to and addressing these mentioned issues, will ensure that more doctors stay in the country and practice.

Reviewing the activities of the Medical Guild within the last months, Dr. Saheed Babajide said that:

“in the past year, a number of issues have come up for attention. There is a shortage of doctors in public hospital system. We believe that this can be addressed by early replacement of doctors who leave the system, as well as recruitment of doctors into the service.

“In addition, we wish to bring up the issue of training for doctors. In today’s world, continuous professional development is an integral part of the work of most active professionals. The government should ensure that this is done for doctors. We also wish to comment on the appointments of officers to the positions of ‘permanent Secretary’ in the State Primary Healthcare Board (PHCB), the State’s Health Service Commission (HSC) and the Ministry of Health (MOH). Two of these positions are currently vacant, while the third will be vacant in a short while. We recommend that these positions are filled as quickly as possible, and that the laws which state that the positions are to be filled by doctors, be followed in the appointments.”

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