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Wednesday, 5 December 2018


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By Zoe O. Madariola

"Begin with the end in mind" is the term used by Steven R. Covey (from the book, 7 habits of highly effective people). Entrepreneurship though looks glamorous and dazzling is far from these two mentioned attributes. Entrepreneurship is not glamorous and being an entrepreneur requires that one puts in all her might, power, brawn, brain, blood, sweat and tears in it.

To be sure to get to the point of being celebrated as an accomplished entrepreneur, influencing hundreds upon thousands of people to become the very best that they are, having the world stage to deliver ones message, one has to begin with the power and the strength of the “why”.

Why start a business in the first place? Why plan to build an empire from nothing when you can climb up a corporate ladder in an already established corporation? Why put yourself through the stress and rigor of starting a new venture when there is no guarantee of success?

Entrepreneurs always begin with the end in mind. They work with the vision of moving towards the particular end of a thing that they see initially in their minds.

Entrepreneurs always start with “why”. The reason (their why) for venturing in unknown and otherwise uncharted territories usually acts as a propelling and staying force for them when things gets rough and the process of building gets burdensome. The reason for their starting in the first place, which is their “why” always, gives them tenacity, strength and a foothold.

Entrepreneurship requires a very high level of resilience, persistence and a rugged belief that, that which they dreamed about is possible to be created and brought in the world of reality. The power of their “why” is one of their staying power.

Entrepreneurs believe in a higher calling to serve people and add value to human existence by creating quality products and services to better the living conditions of people and make life better and healthier and longer.
For people who want to become entrepreneurs, you must look beyond the seeming glamour and focus on the value you want to give to people, that would be your why. The very reason you choose to serve humanity through whatever product or service that you would offer.

Entrepreneur is a worthy venture to serve humanity through your gifts and passion.

However, it requires much more than just a decision though it starts with a decision.

It requires that you have respect for human existence and be willing to offer your services/products for the improvement, betterment and convenience of living.

However, you will do this better if you begin with the end in mind. Have a vision of whatever you want to build, create it in your mind and then start from wherever you are to begin to build whatever you saw in your head.


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