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Thursday, 29 November 2018


* Preaches Motivating Sermon, “where was God when it happened?”

* Sets up an NGO

Story By Paul Ukpabio

How do you comfort a man of God who lost his wife, lovely children and niece in a ghastly motor accident? Life indeed has dealt Obidiozor a cruel blow. Those were the only immediate family he had. The wife and children had just returned from a vacation in America. And on return, decided to visit their extended family in the village in the eastern part of Nigeria. But as it would happen, the vehicle they were in, had a head on collision with a trailer. And when the dust of the accident has settled, Reverend Obidiozor had lost his family! He was at home in Lagos, when he got a call, that his wife, two children and niece were dead!

According to Reverend Obidiozor, three months ago marked the third year of the incident. Obidiozor said, afterwards, he defied all odds to stay alive. 

He had to force himself to retain his mind because he was almost losing his mind too. In a brief sermon he preached to commemorate the day, he read from the Book of Job Chapter 14 verse 14, John 10 verse 10 and Romans 8 verse 25-39. His sermon was titled: ‘Where was God when it happened?’

As he spoke, it was obvious that he struggled with deep emotions but held on as he told a story of a man who lived in California with his family. “This man’s name was Eddy,” said Rev. Obidiozor. “One day, he took his family out on vacation and their vehicle had an accident and somersaulted over and over again. He was dragged out of the squeezed vehicle but his wife and two children were not so lucky. Eddy watched as the wrecked vehicle exploded in fire and all the family he had were roasted to death.

"Eddy lost his mind; he became mad and was taken to a psychiatrist hospital where he was treated for years. When he was healed, he declared that there’s no God and that if there was God, where was He when the accident happened.”

Wife, children and niece
According to Rev. Obidiozor, this was one of the stories that kept him going. Though he himself asked questions when his wife and children died in the accident, but the questions only led him to more questions for instance, where was God when His son Jesus was crucified to the cross? When the Apostles were killed one after the other, where was God? Then Rev. Obidiozor answered the questions, he said, “God will always be God! You cannot query God.”

So, he said he held unto God, struggled to keep his mind alive by always being in the church and around people! But he partly gave up on life. “I was a big time distributor of Don Simon wine in Nigeria and indeed a successful businessman. I lost interest in the business since I realized I didn’t need the money any longer. To me, I had lost those I was working hard and making the money for. The little I have is enough for me!” He said and asked, “Who would have thought that I would be a full time minister of God,” he shook his head. “Let God have his way,” he concluded.

However, few weeks ago, Rev. Obidiozor continued, "I saw my late wife. She appeared to me, she was in a flowing white gown, she appeared in beautiful, sparkling light, clothe in magnificent white. I was like in a trance. She asked me why I am still mourning. She told me that they are fine where they are, that I should not bother about them, but that I should concentrate on saving souls.”

So Rev. Obidiozor weighty in carriage, burdened in soul, has put together a team called ‘Save Life Foundation’ in honour of the lost Obidiozors. He has decided to do anything humanly possible to reduce and possibly eliminate road accidents in the country.

Mrs. Hope Ejindu-Egwu
The coordinator of the NGO, Mrs. Hope Ejindu-Egwu threw more light on the NGO and what it stands for. “Safe Life Foundation is established in loving memory of Mrs. Ogochukwu Obidiozor, Miss. Chidera and Ebele Odidiozor and Miss. Uju Nnoba being the wife, children and niece of Pastor Ebelechukwu Ogochukwu Obidiozor who lost their lives in a ghastly auto crash involving a transport Company bus and a truck belonging to a corporate organization on the 26th August 2015 along Ore Expressway, three years ago when the devastating news reached us, we all cried, we wailed and grieved. It was unbelievable! So with this NGO, we plan to engage in Awareness Campaigns against bad roads, reckless driving, poorly maintained vehicles and sub-standard spare parts.

A Road safety Marshal was there to lend a support to the cause. He spoke grievously on the negligence and human flaws that has led to many untimely death through accident on Nigerian roads. 

Pastor Obidiozor spoke more on his relationship with his wife, “we were close, she was full of life, she was an erstwhile banker, but I told her to resign because of the stress but my wife though she resigned, she was still active (he smiled and laughed as the memories rushed to his mind). She was always doing something. My wife set up a travel agency despite the fact the fact that she was helping me in my business. She was an accountant and a thorough going business woman.” I’ve abandoned business; There is nothing for me there again. There is no need for me to work that hard. I don’t have anyone to spend the money with.”

Pressed further on if he would be living continuously in loneliness all the rest of his life without re-marriage, the pastor looked suddenly confused and in a childlike voice, he replied, “I don’t know, because the loneliness is tough on me, even as a man of God in my ministry, I need a partner to assist me, but I don’t know, I have to leave that for God to decide for me.”

Does he still travel on vacation like he used to do with his family? His reply, “No, I don’t do that anymore. I have long decided to face God’s work.”

And what will be his role in the NGO, “I will give them the spiritual support they need by giving counseling to accident victims along with other necessary support that may be required from me.”

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