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Wednesday, 31 October 2018


… set to produce 20,000 jobs

Chairman, Okey Ogunjiofor
Penultimate week, Synergytrust was unveiled to an audience made up of the Chairman and Directors of Synergimart Digital Marketing Limited, the Strategic Service Partners and Collaborators, invited corporate organizations, the Pioneer Synergitrust Agents, Members of Synergitrust Business Club and the general public.

According to Mr. Olumuyiwa Ojo, the MD/CEO of Synergimart Digital Marketing Limited, “Synergimart Digital Marketing Limited is a dream come true. First and foremost I express my profound gratitude to God almighty, the giver of dreams and visions, for everything He has done. To Him be the glory, honour and praise forever. Synergitrust started with a still small voice, ‘START YOUR OWN’ in December 2016 having experienced a disappointment in an online business. Though, this eCommerce business is a dream of over two decades but the actualization started in 2016.

Time will not permit me to go into details of how one thing led to another.
“Synergitrust is the flagship product of Synergimart Digital Marketing Limited, a disruptive innovation, designed and developed primarily on e-Commerce business modelsi.e. B2B, B2C and C2C. It is the 1st Social Marketing Network in the world, a global marketplace where buyers meet sellers in a socially friendly online environment. The social networking feature of Synergitrust gives opportunity to sellers to post information about their products and services for buyers’ attention and patronage. On Synergitrust, Merchants’ engage buyers in SynergiMARKET through specially designed ‘e-hawking’System by posting products and services regularly into the market.

SYNERGiTRUST officials with guests from Interswitch, Ecobank and Fedex

“Synergitrust is designed to reach the unbanked, a cashless system that is riding on the existing financial institutions such as banks and payment processing companies. All stakeholders operating within the system such as buyers, sellers and Agents must have bank accounts to receive commissions or sales proceeds from the in-built synergiWALLET system.”

The Chairman of Synergimart Digital Marketing Limited Mr. OKEY OGUNJIOFOR, on his part said that the mission of the organization is to develop robust technology infrastructure and information system that drives today’s marketing business initiatives and continuously deliver true value in tomorrow’s business environment in all aspects of marketing i.e. (e-Commerce, e-Procurement, e-Distribution and Channel Marketing) using cutting-edge technology.

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