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Tuesday, 16 October 2018


- JOY OSEREMEN IDIALU (Best Overall Graduating Student, Redeemer’s University)

Miss Joy with out-going Vice Chancellor of Redeemer's University Prof. Adeyewa

Tears of joy overwhelmed Joy Oseremen Idialu as she was announced the Best Graduating Student of Redeemer’s University few days ago at the University’s auditorium in Ede, Osun State. Though it was an information that she was already aware of, the joy of hearing her name proclaimed in the well filled auditorium was much for her.

She was happy as she did not only get a First Class Degree in Computer Science with a high grade of 4.98, she also won a N50,000 cash reward and above all, bagged a scholarship to the level of a PhD and an automatic job offer.

Joy Oseremen Idialu along with her father, spoke to us immediately after the event at Ede, Osun State.

How do you feel after obtaining a First Class Degree and being the overall best graduating student?

I am glad, I studied Computer Science, and it was not exactly easy all through, but I thank God that it turned out well and it has also ended well.

Which year did you enter the university?

That was in the year 2014.

What helped you to achieve this unusual feat or how did you do it?

I will say God first and then hard work.

Was there any special thing that you were doing differently in school?

Well, I studied like every other one else, I don’t think that I did anything different from what the others were doing. I just attended class, prayed a lot about it and then trusted God. One had to search the mind and set goals. That’s what I did from the beginning, I set goals for myself. When I got to RUN, I listened to a motivation speech which encouraged me that I could actually go for a first class result. So I started early to work at it. The message actually said that it is possible to get 5.0. That message changed my mind set. So I worked hard and on my first result I got 5.0

Were you into any extra-curriculum activities while on campus?

I was in the female basketball team and in Team Technical, Media and I was nvolved photographic coverage of events around the campus. 

And that did not take time out of your academics?

It was all about planning and sorting out my priorities.

While you were on campus, were you challenged in anyway?

Oh yes I was, my first year was plagued by sickness which affected one of my courses but I was able to overcome it. I was usually in and out of campus on my first and second year. The first and second semester was bad for me while on campus. During my first year it was difficult for me health-wise. At that period I almost gave up my studies, almost abandoned it.

How about your parents?

They were my supportive anchor. They encouraged me, provided for all the things that I needed. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve his too. When I needed materials, they got it for me in time so I am very grateful to them.

Where do you go from here?

I have just been offered a scholarship. Though I have also been planning about what to do in the last couple of weeks, but right now, I think that it is time to really commit the future to God because no dream is too big, but first I must commit the dreams to God so that God can clear my path.

Most young people have boyfriend or girlfriend, so did you have a young man you looked forward to be in your future while you were on campus?

(Laughs) No I didn’t. First of all, I didn’t find anyone, but then I was focused on my studies and other activities so I didn’t really pay attention to it.

So when are you looking forward to having one?

Okay, I am done with the harder part of school so, anything can happen. But even then, I think that for now, it will not be about that, I am still focusing on my future in terms of my career. It will come anyway at some point.

Does that mean that you are going for further studies?

By the grace of God yes! I am working on it.

Are you looking at going into other fields or are you going to stick to computer science?

I want to be a top-range Computer-Scientist.

We see your dad but your mom is not here.

My mom had to be somewhere else; she is unavoidably absent here today.

Mr. Rafael Idialu a Deputy Director at the Federal Ministry of Transport spoke about her daughter’s feat:

What do you have to say about your daughter’s feat today?

It is the doing of God. It is the product of hard work, dedication and perseverance and when God adds His blessing to it, now becomes an excellent result and that is what we have just seen.

Were you expecting this to happen?

I will not say yes though I expected her to excel but I didn’t think that she was going to make First Class not to talk of being the best overall graduating student. So I won’t say that I saw it coming.

She said she was challenged with sickness during the first year. Do you recall that?

In fact during the first year, she didn’t want to stay in school. We eventually begged her to stay. She was the one that said that she wanted to go to Covenant University initially but I told her that my preference was the Redeemer University, but by the time she started falling sick, she said she would not stay. But when she saw her result the first and second year, she encouraged herself. Today as we can see, she emerged the best student.

Looking back would you say that she has always been a bright student?

Oh yes, she has always been a bright student. She started with Word of Faith Secondary school in Abuja where I live and work. I work with the Federal Ministry of Transport. I am a Deputy Director. I am very grateful to God who made it possible.

What future do you see?

I see a bright future for her. The university has given her scholarship to study up to PhD level and she has been given automatic employment, what can be more than that? I give thanks to God.    

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