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Monday, 29 October 2018


- Dr Johnson Edosomwan (NDCP Presidential candidate)

Founder and leader of Nigeria Democratic Congress Party (NDCP) Dr Johnson Edosomwan declared few days ago in Lagos that he is the one destined to take over from the incumbent President Mohammadu Buhari come next year 2019.

Edosomwan who spoke at a political gathering of his party, told his listeners that he is aspiring to the highest political office in Nigeria not to lose, but to win. He said that he has been touring the depth, nooks and crannies of the country, where he has been able to meet and interact with the common man, the middle class and the high and mighty. He said that he has been able to gain the confidence of Nigerians and therefore he is sure of victory in the upcoming election of 2019.

“Over the past months, I have been touring the depth of the country, identifying with the plight of the people and educating them on their political power and ability to vote right and vote in a leadership that will favour the masses and usher in more development in the country. Nigeria is a country with great potential and resources. Its potential is limitless. The economy needs to be expanded to multi dimensional into manufacturing, service and security. Moreover, there is the need for health care for all and education that facilitates and opens doors for work, and infrastructure, needs to be built. Infrastructure that takes into consideration electricity, telephones, extensive communication opportunities and other essential basic items must be developed. The vision is to unify the nation to work together to provide these essentials. The project will be done in three phases that is, strategic, tactical and operational.”

Edosomwan who said he is on a rescue mission to the country from his erstwhile abode in the United State of America where he is well known for his developmental strategy and contributions to the world at large, said, he will duplicate all that he is well known for in the international community, here in Nigeria.

Asked further how he will do it, Dr Johnson Edosomwan who is the Chairman of The Johnson A. Edosomwan Limited Liability Corporation, and other establishments, said:

I have published a book here in Nigeria: Progress begins with me. The book provides a framework for transportation of the entire system from point A to Z. The book basically contains the elements, which are our road map for progress. I call on all Nigerians both home and abroad to join our transformation team. Together we will succeed. In the book, I’ve called on all Nigerians, both at home and abroad, to unify and transform Nigeria into a worldclass democratic nation where every citizen contributes and lives peacefully in safe and secure communities free from corruption, poverty, violence, regionalism, and tribalism, and a modern nation that provides access to jobs, clean water, clean air, electricity, infrastructure, education and health care.

My vision will transform Nigeria into a forward
looking nation whose multidimensional and robust economy eagerly embraces the advancing technological age and prosperous nation that will make our citizens and Creator proud. The framework I have presented for the transformation of Nigeria, stresses ownership and accountability for the implementation of best practices at all levels.”

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