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Wednesday, 26 September 2018



Whatever you focus on becomes your reality and what you get out of life. As an entrepreneur, vision is very crucial to the growth process of any venture as it determines how well a business venture turns out.

As an entrepreneur, our vision of how we want our business to turn out determines the amount of blood, sweat and tears we put into the process of building it. 

The amount of the blood, sweat and tears we infuse into our business sterns from who we are and our capacity and capabilities for personal growth and self-development. 
Our capacity for self-mastery builds our ability to become the best of who we are.
Our process of becoming the best translates into excellence and quality which we infuse into our business.

Becoming a person of worth and value must first of all be achieved before any entrepreneurial venture of worth and value is built because we attract who we are and not what we want.

So ultimately, the first order of business of any serious minded entrepreneur is to become the best of whoever she is meant to be before a worthwhile business venture is built.
Businesses are built on principles, values, strategies, process and procedures but these intangible assets are built into people who invariably build them into workable systems.
Our business cannot grow beyond the level of our exposure, knowledge and wisdom.
So in the wake of building our business and planning the strategies for its growth and development, let’s ask ourselves this questions, am I a person of value and who am I growing into?

Know this: Your business cannot grow beyond the level of your person.

- ZOE OLUWABUSAYO is a Principal Consultant at Zoe & Phil Limited

Photo credit: PIXABAY

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