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Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Penultimate Saturday an unprecedented massive gathering of people who had come to worship the Lord and receive a Change of Garment at the Ogudu Ori Oke Mountain of the Manna Prayer Ministry in Lagos as the Ministry held it's anointing service to end the annual 14 day fasting period.

The crowd spilled over from the huge auditorium to the porch and overtook the space at the car-park into the streets at the back of the auditorium where canopies provided a shade from the intermittent drizzling rain as scores of people turned up for this special anointing service.

Singles, families, the elderly, the young, babies strapped to the back and children excitedly and prayerfully waiting and looking towards an encounter with God, were all there.

That morning, they had all defied the early downpour of rain and the gloomy weather to be at the Prophetic anointing service and they came prepared for a special encounter with God.

The atmosphere of expectation was high in the air when the worship and ministration began. The overflow of the presence of God was evident as the early morning words of exhortation by Rev Mrs. Kwakpovwe lifted up souls. She followed it with a powerful prayer session tearing down satanic strongholds with prayer points that connected the people to their maker.

This particular programme was streamed live to 172 countries of the world enabling a global simultaneous network connection of the children of God irrespective of race, colour and location.

As many as were there with their various spiritual problems, met with solutions when Bishop Dr. Chris kwakpovwe mounted the podium. Restless in nature during ministration, he was moving from one part of the space available to touch as many persons to pray healing into them.

Another miraculous case of healing, was that of a woman with stone like a lump in the upper part of her stomach and had felt so much pains as a result over the years but, during the programme as the man of God was ministering, she felt something left her body and all of a sudden couldn't feel lump or stone in that particular region of her body. Also immediately the pains  in her body disappeared. It was a testimony that brought tears of joy to many eyes. Healing also extended to the woman with high blood pressure to the joy of many.

It was indeed an opportunity for a Change of Garment the theme for the programme as Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe's ministration brought hope and succour to the spiritually lonely hearts. The people received edification through faith in songs, prayers and spoken convictions upon their lives.

The Bishop emphasized that this month July shall be the beginning of the victorious months ahead, for all those present and watching the programme in different countries of the world! He brought out illustrations from Exodus 12 and moved spontaneously from there to other related scriptures of the bible, communicating the wisdom inherent in the biblical passages to his yearning and attentive listeners.

The Bishop was oozing with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, speaking out prophesies to different people in the congregation. And to those he delivered a prophecy to, such people acknowledge and confirmed. As such spiritual yokes were uplifted with tears of joy and various testimonies.

The Bishop proclaimed to all that were under the voice of his ministration in all of the 172 countries that the programme was being streamed to, that thus said the Lord, "I will set you free with a mighty hand." And many thunderous 'Amen,' followed.

Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe released more and more prophesy, praying for the sick and releasing the barren from spiritual bondage! "She that was called Barren, the barrenness will change!"

For all of five hours of non-stop ministration, the Bishop didn't show any sign of fatigue! He was on his feet casting out demons effortlessly, a power he adduced to the grace of God upon his life.

But the programme was not yet over. On came the second segment that is, the prayer oil anointing aspect of the service. And for the next four hours, a steady-flowing stream of people, were anointed by the Bishop who stood all through the spiritual duty.

More importantly, people went home blessed, burdens uprooted and discarded.  Indeed it was day where a big multitude had a change of garment.

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