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Saturday, 25 August 2018



His first wife died and he was alone with two children. He was a middle aged man. He decided after a few years of being a widower to find love again. He got involved with a younger,unmarried lady and after a brief courtship, they were married.

This lady had two kids for him and after about five year, he discovered that non of the two kids were his.

While that horrendous event was still fresh, the 'wife' who had secretly been having an extramarital affair with her ex-boyfriend, empty the house of all its possessions.

He got home that day to meet an empty apartment.

This lady was engaged to be married. Shortly before their wedding, the fiance got an admission into a university in Canada. They both decided that the guy further his education to enhance his employability chances while the lady work to support his education.

Two years later, this lady got to know that the guy actually had another fiancee in Canada. They admission was just a cover and the money she was using to support his 'education' was actually supporting his family in Canada.

Those who throw away genuine affections are actually not wise. You don't throw away diamond in a hope of another. What if you don't find another and remember karma.

Real love is a gift.

Reciprocated love is divine.

When you have it, cherish it.

Because if you deliberately throw it away, you may never find it.

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