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Monday, 30 July 2018


When you see a #crown on a head, know that it represents two distinct things: beauty and weight.
#Beauty is what #people $see, the #weight is what the #wearer #feels.

A Crown represents a position of power and higher authority and with it comes both #attractiveness and #responsibility.

People are attracted to the person with the authority  ( the crown) without fully knowing the #burden (weight) they somehow add to the #pressure of the position.
When you have a positionof responsibility, know that people will be attracted to the position which you are occupying, not necessarily to you as a person: so be #humble.

Know that you occupy positions of authorities to #serve and make people's lives better and more productive.

Let the weight ( pressures) of the position lead you to be true to the real #calling of the office which is to serve.

For #posterity usually judges the results of the weight  (the pressures) of the position and not the beauty it represents.

Always remember this: A CROWN EQUATES BEAUTY and PRESSURES.
Good morning all.



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