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Tuesday, 26 June 2018


- Security Experts tell Federal Government

General Sam Momah Rtd.

By Paul Ukpabio

In recent times there has been an upsurge of political crimes leading to killings, political assassinations, and pockets of general unrest. This has also been precedented by a flood of arms and ammunition into the country with the security agencies saving the situation by intercepting some of these arms at point of entry. We spoke to some security experts on this looming tragedy and here is what they have to say.

In his view, Former Minister of Science and Technology General Sam Momah says that it is criminal to unlawfully possess guns because guns are no toys, they are weapons of destruction and murder. They are harmful and meant to be used for a purpose. He says that it is even worse when someone gives guns guns to untrained youths. That according to him, is even more a cardinal offence and criminality.

Col David Binitie Rtd

According to General Sam Momah such could only lead to evil grooming of the youths and supporting of illegal groupings and rebellion against constituted authority. He cited the examples of Boko Haram and Delta Militancy which he considers to be the off-spring of the arming of thugs by politicians.

Enough is enough!" He said. "The Federal government must put a stop to the arming of thugs by politicians. The federal government should make sure that it those who are guilty, should face the full wrath of the law by prosecuting culprits.

Also speaking on the issue, Ambassador Okhidievbie Oamien Roy the CEO of August Eye Ltd said that politicians that took over from the military were those the activist extract, they adopted the antics of violence from the era of detention and oppression for political agitators.

Amb. Roy and wife Amb. Uzoamaka Okhidievbie

Immediately power of the gun was transferred to power of vote it became a confusing reality that they kept the stigma of oppression and violence against one another and bloodletting. They armed thugs and formed militants, they encouraged youths from their constituencies to violate laws and upturn the judicial authority. They also fuelled cultism in higher institutions and so on.

Ambassador Roy said annoyance is that the politicians obviously didn't fathom the hydra headed nature it will take. "i expected that they would have reviewed the mindset of these thugs and ensured that their energies are channelled towards productivity rather than leave them to their own pranks. Armed robbery is armed robbery. Every crime must be treated separately and the rule of law must be strengthened to match the corruption of the political parties. Once our judicial process and system gets it right, all forms of criminal breaches will be aligned with the law and penalties accrue then we shall begin to sanitise this country," he said.

On his part, Colonel David Binitie (Rtd) declared that there is no provision for any other person apart from security agents to bear arms in the country. "And when I say security agents, I mean the military, police and paramilitary. These are the only set of people that are legally expected to be in possessions of arms.

"It is strange that somebody who wants to go to government to serve his people should become so desperate as to carry thugs about, fighting and hurting just because he wants to to there to serve people," said Captain Mohammed (Rtd). "I do not think such a person would have good intentions when he gets to power. Initially the thugs hired by these politicians were carrying sticks but when their godfathers made money from government, they began arm them with guns and ammunitions in readiness for next election. Meanwhile the godfathers in government soon finds no need for them and so the thugs who have no access to free cash anymore decides to use the their guns to intimate their common citizen neighbours and rob banks. They attack innocent people and become full time robbers.

"I am surprised that the situation has got this bad because what happens is that even when the police arrest these thugs their godfathers go with money to the police and bail the. The federal government should put a stop to that. The government should equip the police force and flush bad eggs too. The police should not be afraid of politicians. They should do their job. And more importantly the federal government should as a matter of urgency, ban thuggery in the country. INEC should be empowered to disqualify any political party that is suspected to harbour thugs and any politician that is with thugs should be arrested along with the thugs and prosecuted. If indeed you want to serve the people, you do not need to use thugs to bully, rob and kill the pople that you want to serve," he concluded.

Capt A. A Mohammed

The Director General of Cyber Security Challenge in Nigeria Mr. Victor Idonor added that "arming thugs definitely has had an adverse effects on the entire citizenry. When politicians arm thugs the thugs go on to use the arms and ammunitions to commit havoc knowing fully well that when they are caught their godfathers will come to their rescue. Meanwhile the thugs see their godfathers as a means a making money. To them, it is a short cut to relevance and to cash. With such politicians backing the thugs, it puts unnecessary pressure on the other citizens who now see that short cut as a new way of life. The government can stop every associations that are not genuine and check every persons who are not military or security agents from carrying guns or arms. No politician should have hoodlums around them. Any politician who have hoodlums around him should be suspect. And any hoodlum, or area boy or thug should be arrested."

The Client Relations Director, August Eye security services Amb. Uzoamaka Nwajei Okhidievbie opined that women must come out to play a major role in curbing violence and corruption by reporting. It has shown over time that most of the criminals give their loots to women. Most political thugs take calls and discuss their next lines of Operations.

She is of the opinion that women should be encouraged to report suspicious activities and be patriotic for a better Nigeria.

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