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Monday, 25 June 2018


June is Chinese culture month and has it's unique festivals. In the second week of June, the Confucius Institute, University of Lagos came out to lay the tables, and had an open air cooking exhibition and hosted a group of students to various methods of cooking in the Chinese culture.

Chinese noodles are popular. According to Professor Wang Yongjing, the Director of the Institute, this popular meal is very important in the lives of the people in Northern China. 

"So today we have exhibited how the cooking is done in Northern China and displayed tea and how it is prepared in China. In China, tea is important. It is an important part of our meal. People in the south of China for instance drink tea as soon as they wake up. They drink tea all the time. A lot of housewives or people who work at home, keep a tea cup by their side and drink at different times of the day. The men and women in offices too drink tea at work.
"What we have done today is to introduce the Chinese tea and watch movies on the preparation of food in China. As you can see the preparation of food is important and sometimes it appears like a ceremony becomes a lot of details goes into each food preparation in China."

For the students and others who showed up for the outdoor event, it was fun fun fun all the way, getting to watch the noodle preparation, tasting and drinking tea and learning about the Chinese culture.

Some of the students spoken to, showed great enthusiasm in learning and assimilating more of the Chinese culture of which the Chinese Institute offers. And many also commended the Confucius Institute team at the University of Lagos led by Professor Wang Yongjing.

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