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Friday, 29 December 2017

SPAR opens at TEJUOSO SHOPPING CENTRE *Attracts shoppers from mainland and Island

A beehive of activities daily
Shoppers in cosmopolitan Yaba area in Lagos, have never had it so good. Apart from the newly expanding roads in the area, and the general upgrading of structures in the grand plan to include Yaba in the mega city state plan, Yaba has not only been recently blessed with the new famous Tejuoso Shopping Centre, but the newest good news is that, popular retail outlet known as SPAR, has also arrived at the Tejuoso shopping centre in Yaba.  

So it was not surprising that shoppers have been besieging the Tejuoso Shopping Centre in the last couple of days since the opening of SPAR. All through the Christmas holidays, Yaba was a beehive of activities and Tejuoso Shopping Centre according to Ernest Chukwudi a trader in the large complex was a grand beneficiary of big sales.

An elated Edward Stevenson, who is the General Manager of Tejuoso Shopping Center told us more about Tejuoiso Shopping Centre, and how the arrival of SPAR will increase relevance and make life easier for shoppers.  

"Since the arrival of SPAR, the ground floor has become so, so busy. Now we have about an average of over 10,000 people coming here on a daily basis, and that will keep increasing by the day. And surprisingly, these shoppers are not only people living around Yaba but also people from the Island and different parts of Mainland.

"Our best aspect here at Tejuoso Shopping Centre is the way we handle security. We have the MOPOL and other security operators. We are working on a Police Station at this shopping centre. And also we will have a Fire Station on site so that we do not have issues. We have banks and the ATM they have here is among the top ten in the country. And more banks are coming here. 

To the ordinary shoppers at the modern day Tejuoso Shopping Centre, the size of the place is massive. We asked Mr Stevenson about the size of Tejuoso Shopping Centre and this is what he said,"on the first floor, we have 9000 square meters and we have four floors. The basement for the car park is 14000 square meters. Its huge! It is probably the biggest shopping centre around the country right now. By the time we open all the shops, it will definitely be the most visited shopping centre across the country. We are creating proper directions to guide people on how they move around the shops and floors. Ofcourse we have sections. For instance, we have the hair fashion people in sections, the electronics in section. When you are hungry, you know the food court is on the third floor. When you want to use the bank, you go to the banking section, and the cinemas are in their section. So we have demarcations and everything in its proper places. That makes administration of the place easy for us despite the fat that the entire complex is huge."

Some happy shoppers

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