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Sunday, 24 December 2017




Like anything else, money is dynamic, it also evolves. Naturally, money is a form of exchange, and it comes as a store of value that is secured, personal easy to move around.

It started with the land you owned or the livestock you reared or the resources you processed on your land – you exchanged it for what you need per time.

Then we moved to metals and minerals: gold, silver, ore, diamond, crude oil, etc. But travelling with these things wasn’t always convenient. Too much gold was heavy.

Enter Paper currency. Too much money made you an easy target, cash transaction was insecured.

So, they introduced Electronic currency, portability was its coolest features, it was safer to transport your cash with ease but it was also expensive, flawed with too much transaction fees and almost zero privacy.

The system kept at E-currency, waiting for the next evolution of transaction – it didn’t have to wait long.

Cryptocurrency arrived almost unannounced, a financial disruption that is gradually gaining momentum , with amazing functionalities such as anonymity, extremely portable, very low transaction fees, secured, no human intermediate, etc ,

Denmark , one of the most developed and world happiest country alongside other first world countries such as US, Sweden, North Korea, Finland, Canada, The Netherlands, and few others have not only tested this technology but have embraced it and currently using it to make life better for their citizens.

“Crypto currency is the future of money.”

Our product, BBNcoin is an off spring of this future.

BBNcoin is a new Ecosystem where traders, real estate developers, and merchants can efficiently and securely evaluate and trade on real items.

BBNcoin projects to build a platform to seamlessly and transparently connect crypto currencies with real world assets, decentralizes and distributes coin by users, (meaning) it is owned by everyone.

BBNcoin will focus on two major areas


2.Real estate

BBNcoin solution to E Commerce

Vendors who want to do business with us on a global scale, the exposure to exchange risks is high, which means that transactions will be affected by different currency exchange rates.

Fortunately, with a crypto currency like BBNcoin, there is going to be increase in market reach because there’s universal recognition at a given value. And this saves time when it comes to sorting price for transactions and other fees that come from exchanging one currency to another.

In the end, it will make financial transactions simpler and accessible.

BBNCOIN will work towards

- Developing a global decentralized trust and reputation system for tomorrow's global E-commerce.

- Making the payment process simple and efficient: only one step.

-Making accepting payments for merchants generally up to 3x cheaper and up to 10,000times faster.

-Providing an opportunity for merchants to accept mobile payments.

-Bringing a decentralized coin economy to the mainstream.

-Expanding BBNcoin real-world application infrastructure.

BBNCOIN SOLUTION to real estate

BBNcoin will be the first Africa’s independent safety record keeping facility using the Block chain and offers both safe deposit boxes and document safekeeping services.

BBNcoin will create an end-to-end platform for real estate developers and customers

BBNcoin will serve as coin of surety, particularly in instances where paper receipts are not considered enough. Built on the Block chain technology, BBNcoin will work as a viable means of part payment and part value between the developer and buyer, during the land purchase period

Summary data on ICO

BBNcoin Pre-ICO

Start date: 22nd of November 2017

End date: 28th of November 2017

Currency accepted:  BBNcoin

Minimal goal to start: 5,400,000 BBNcoin

BBNcoin exchange rate: $2.7 = 1 BBNcoin

Amount of BBNcoin per one person: Unlimited

BBNcoin ICO Public Sale issued

Start date: 29th of November 2017

End date: 30th of January 2018

BBNcoin Sale cap: 100,000,000 BBNcoin

Currency accepted: BTC,ETH

Amount of BBNcoin per one person: 500

Minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin: 10 BBNcoin (The transaction rate is dependent on BTC rate fluctuations)

Maximum transaction amount: Unlimited

BBNcoin starting price:0.90 75% discount

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