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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Sometimes people call me Mr. Quincy! But I’m happy for my wife

-Engineer John Ayodele

His wife’s name is everywhere. She is the popular Quincy Ayodele, the herbal slimmer, who blazed the trail into that hitherto unpopular herbal business about two decades and a half ago. But today, Quincy Ayodele’s products are across the world. But her husband Engineer John Ayodele, has equally been successful, though not as popular as she is. In his case, it has been, behind any successful woman, there is a man! Which in most cases, is the other way round: Engineer John Ayodele confirms this when he said: “Sometimes I get to some place and people call me Mr. Quincy!”
He spoke to Paul Ukpabio in Lagos about his love life and why he has remained in the background.

So, how did you meet your wife, was it love at first sight?

(Laughs) No, it wasn’t love at first sight. I was a young Engineer posted to a project site. At that time, we just started project management by ourselves. Before then, consultants used to do projects for us. I was fresh from school and I was given the task of managing seven out stations in Abeokuta, Ife, Ondo, Oshogbo, Oworonsoki, Alagbon and somewhere in Agbalantoro, Ijoro. That took me around a lot. 

But because of the hurly-burly nature of Lagos, I fixed my tent at Abeokuta a central place. Her father was a friend but I didn’t know he had a daughter. My project site was next door to their house. 

One day I was passing by and I saw a lady outside about to wash. I was curious to realize that the man had such a beautiful daughter. And as providence will have it, we were in the same car one day, and started chatting. We became friends. We exchange visits. She insisted at 21 no one had a birthday party for her. 

So I offered her my house as venue for the party. My offer was accepted. So while the party was on, I seized the opportunity to tell her that we need to take the friendship further. We started some mathematical calculations and she said parallel lines don’t meet but I told her that they meet, and that they meet at somewhere called infinity. She asked what infinity means and I told her that is what I want her to start with me. So we started.

What attracted you to her?

For a young man, first I assessed her physical structure from a very close distance and found her charming. I assessed her further. I found out I had no problem with going straight to the altar with her from day one! In less than 3 months, I had made up my mind; she fitted into all the parts of my life. I took her to my parents and that was it. Initially they were like, ‘who is this and where is she coming from.’ I am from Kogi and she was from Ogun state. So that disparity in culture made them to have their reservations. But in less than 2 days we stayed there, my mother had accepted her as a daughter. And they remained mother and daughter till my mom’s death. They were even closer than I was to my mom.

Would you say you have the same personality like your wife?

My wife is slightly more to the right than myself. She sees more reason for perfection than me. I give reasons for failure, but my wife doesn’t listen to failure. She will tell you that’s an excuse. She is more thorough. She believes that things must be done with finesse and it has to be done with accuracy.

What can you say about your marriage now?

My marriage has been super. Though no marriage without some ups and downs. We have had problems with some extended family and some other family, and even personally we have had some disagreements over issues but we have had a way of settling them. Its either I lean back to what she wants, or she bends forward to what I want. But right now I think we are just at the perfect equilibrium because we agree on virtually everything at the first instance.

What kind of things appeal to you?

I believe that I was made for a purpose and there is a reason and purpose for which God created me and created every other human being. What appeals to me, is finding out on a daily basis, what that purpose is. That notwithstanding, I like people with integrity, you cannot buy it with money. If you lose it, you cannot get it back. Integrity is important, a good name is always better. I have time to sleep, rest and play. But if you watch my countenance all the time, it appears I am too serious. It is because I’m always evaluating whether I am in line with the purpose for which I am in the world.

What has been the success bedrock of your marriage?

Love! If you love your wife and your wife loves you, then you can go to any length. Third party cannot break into you. Like I told her from day one, if I can’t tell her what I do outside, then I won’t do it. Even if it is to flirt, I told her that if I can’t tell her, then I won’t do it.

You are equally as fashionable as your wife. Where did it come from, from you or from your wife?

Ha, I am not fashionable; I try to catch up with her standards, just to meet up a little bit. So that when they ask her where is your husband and I come out and they look at me and do not find me disappointing. So I try to meet up because I am not fashion conscious. The truth is that I do not give priority to that because I believe, what makes a man is his ability to work and what he can contribute to the society, than wearing beads and big clothing. I don’t wear beads or chain even when I have. I don’t see it as adding value. But I am conscious of the fact that I have an adorable wife who must not be stolen by anybody and I know she is beautiful so I try to match up a little bit. Not that I am there (Laughs).

So what do you do these days?

I am co-managing one of the Discos. I work at Ibadan Electricity Company as a Deputy Director. I am in charge of the technical aspect. My Chairman is a nice person who allows one to showcase his talent.

It seems like you share same Chieftaincy titles

There is no chieftaincy title I’m given that she does not get. Or if they give her they must give me too because, we are birds of the same feather. I am a Chief in my home town, the Atunwase of Egbe and she is Olori Atunwase of Egbe. That is someone who shows good character. I also have a title from Egusi, in Kwara State. I am the Mayegun of Egusi Kingdom and my wife is the Yeye Maiyegun of Egusi Kingdom. We are born again Christians and hoping that before the end of next year, we would embrace a pastoral calling.

What do you love about your wife? 

She is an adorable woman who is very respectful. If I tell her this is my dog, the same respect she gives to me, she will give to my dog. She is calm. She takes the family as number one. If anything will disturb her family life, she will rather allow that thing to go. She is intelligent and very hardworking. That is why she had my full support to be who she is today. Most people know her, they don’t know me. In fact I get to some places and they call me Mr. Quincy (Laughs)! But that is what I wanted from her. I wanted her best to show in life. I am happy for her.

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