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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

TRUE CONFESSION: Pastor Lied. We did, and I am pregnant

By Ayo Buba

Hello journalist...hello.
Yes, I'm here. I can hear you.
You want to hear the truth?
Ofcourse, why else did I call you?
Ok then, the truth is, the pastor lied! We had been together repeatedly, I mean, over and over! And we did as many times that we found the chance for it.

Are you sure of what you are saying?
Ofcourse I am! Guess what, I'm expecting his baby.

(Alarmed) But how did that happen?
How did what happened?
I mean the baby. I mean the pregnancy.
How do pregnancies happen? (Laughs) It started when I came home from abroad. My mom had been on my neck the past few years. Worried that at 38 I was still single! Oh I've had several affairs, but I guess I had just been unlucky with the relationships that I had. 

So mom invited me back home for at least a visit. I had lost my dad the previous year. The funeral of which I could not attend because his burial was rapidly done according to his request. So when mom told me to come home for a while, I knew she was lonely and missed my late dad. Mom had always wanted me to get married early. But somehow it didnt happen for me that way.

So here I was in Nigeria, and just the way my mom had always been, she was on my neck right from the first week I arrived. I was either scolded for not being married or for not showing interest in the things that relates to church at 38 years old!

It got to a point that I already had enough of her biting words, so I decided to tag along to church with her this particular day. I love her and I usually enjoy her company when she is not being harsh on me with words. 

It was a pentecostal church. It was like any other around. I had attended a few back then before I left the country. I must confess, they were not just my thing.
But that Sunday morning, I tagged along with her. And she was indeed proud to show me off at church. I cared less, but gravitated towards the warmth of the greetings anyway.
All was well and ordinary until the pastor came out on the podium for his sermon.

Somehow, the pastor's eyes and mine locked each time he looked in my direction as he preached. There and then, I knew that I will yield into his arms if he ever asked for it from me. Somehow, instinct told me so. Somehow, I also knew he was interested in me. And when after the service, the pastor stopped to talk to my mom who seized that opportunity to introduce me to the pastor, I knew our meeting would lead somewhere. But I didnt know how.
As we were about entering mom's car, a young girl, apparently one of the church's ushers, rushed towards us with a paper in hand.
"Madam," she called out, "kindly fill the newcomer's form for our evangelism department."

I nearly turned it down, but for mom who nodded and urged me on.
Surprisingly, later that night, Pastor called. We talked for long. And when I asked how he got my number, he laughed in his husky voice. He said he got it from the form I had filled earlier in the day.

Anyway that night was the official beggining of our relationship.
Look jopurnalist, forget all the nonsense that I hear that the pastor is saying, I know he trully loves me. He said that so many times to comvince me. He showered me with love and gifts so I know he loves and care for me.
So what then happened? What went wrong?
(Her voice suddenly turned to anger.)
His wife found out! And guess what, he denied me. You see why I am angry?
So, what next?

They certainly have not heard the last of me because, they don't even know I have his baby breathing inside of me right  now! My prayer now is that, I'm begging God to let this boy in my womb be an exact replica of him, then we won't need a DNA test or whatever. I know soon we will know who is telling the lie!

A click sound, then silence
She was gone.


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