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Monday, 26 June 2017

Media Guru, Elkanah Mowarin bags Olorogun title in Delta State

Olorogun Elkanah O. Mowarin
His Royal Majesty Samson Owherijesu Ogugu, Owherijesu 1, The Osuivie of Agbarho Kingdom in Delta State recently conferred on Businessman and Media guru, Elkanah Mowarin, the traditional title of 'Olorogun' at a colourful ceremony in His Royal Majesty's palace in Agbarho kingdom. By this title, the media guru will now be addressed as  High Chief Elkanah O Mowarin or Olorogun Elkanah O Mowarin.

The event was colourful laced in segments beginning from the prayers, to the ceremonial dressing of the new Olorogun in traditional clothing with cheers, merriment, drumming and traditional songs and music, in the background.

Olorogun Elkanah O Mowarin later left the palace of His Royal Majesty Samson Owherijesu Ogugu, Owherijesu 1, The Osuivie of Agbarho Kingdom, for the ceremonial walk with some other senior chiefs around to town. This was to officially show him to the people. 

An excited Olorogun Elkanah Mowarin, later spoke to a cross section of the press.

You have just been honoured with a chieftaincy title, what do you have to say?

It's a great honour for me Elkanah….. I have been around in my own small way, running media marketing business and like they say, while you are doing your thing, some people are watching. This time around, it happens to be my people of Agbarho kingdom who had been watching.

I was invited by HRM Samson Owherijesu Ogugu, who is the Owherijesu 1 of Agbarho kingdom, and honoured with a senior chieftaincy title of Olorogun. I am now the Ame 1 of Agbarho kingdom. Against that background, I am to be addressed as High Chief Elkanah O Mowarin or Olorogun Elkanah O Mowarin, the Ame 1 of Ikweghwu, Agbarho Kingdom.

By virtue of this initiation, I have been called to the gathering of senior citizens of Agbarho kingdom. It is a call to higher responsibility, a call to more service to my people, the people of Agbarho kingdom, and an opportunity to further expand the values, that has been given to them over the years: an avenue to increase my efforts, to increase the way I positively affect them in the development of the kingdom.

What will you say motivated HRM Samson Owherijesu Ogugu, and the people of Agbarho Kingdom to give you this important title?

From the conversation I had with the Council of Chiefs and His Royal Majesty, I believe it bothers on my immense contribution to the growth of the media landscape in Nigeria, with particular reference to broadcast media. I have been on television with EOM Business Network for close to 30 years. It has been the longest authoritative and independently produced business television programme in Nigeria. We have been there week in and week out. I think that this was recognized.

I have also offered scholarship to people across Nigeria, regardless of tribe. I have also offered human development services to people and impacted societies. I have contributed to the growth of the church, I have contributed to development of mosques, I pay my taxes and employ people. So, I guess that the combination of all these, and of course we also tarred a major road in Agbarho which impacted the community.

That has triggered off social economic advancement in that area. Hitherto the road there was not passable and the farmers along with those that were doing cottage businesses there, were finding it difficult transporting their harvest and other things to the main town. So with that road tarred, it has made life much easier for the people in that area.

Your message to the people of Agbarho and Nigerians in general?

To the people of Agbarho and especially to my King, I say a big thank you to HRM Samson Owherijesu Ogugu, the Owherijesu 1 of Agbarho kingdom. It is indeed humbling to be so honoured and I know that it is a challenge to greater responsibilities and to Nigerians,
I say thank you for the opportunities that you have given to me in terms of media marketing, using the platform of EOM Business Network and other ways. This honour further gives me opportunity to position myself to offer more to society to Nigeria.

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