The night when Alula Okposo’s music, brought down the roof, at Othello’s Lounge in Victoria Island - Paul Ukpabio's Blog


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Saturday, 11 February 2017

The night when Alula Okposo’s music, brought down the roof, at Othello’s Lounge in Victoria Island

If you were in Lagos last Saturday, and you were not at Victoria Island’s posh hangout, popularly known as Othello’s lounge, off Adeola Odeku Road, then you missed! Yes, just accept that you missed! That’s because Alula Okposo’s event aptly tagged ‘Music from the Soul 2017’, was one of the finest evenings that Lagos had to offer on that particular Saturday night.

Oh, yes! The Ibru clan was there, led by the big two sisters, Mama G (that’s Gloria) and Ibuks. Elvina Ibru, the third of the three big sisters, was said to be away on vacation in London.

The atmosphere in the T-shaped hall of Othello’s Lounge was electrifying. The music was loud and so were the voices. The beats were fun and so were the dance steps. Laughter echoed from table to table, fun filled the air as the conversations were rib-cracking and everyone had the licence to laugh freely and enjoy the evening.

Food was mostly chops, grilled peppery fish with chips, sea food and the like, while drinks ranged from choice wine to spirit, cocktail, cognac and champagne. And the music encouraged this haven atmosphere to breathe freely and easily into the beautiful night.

In the midst of all these, was Alula Okposo! Young, sassy and talented! She swayed with ease as she commanded the microphone wrapped in her palms as she rendered one soul music after another to the wild entertainment of this beautiful evening crowd.

No doubt, Alula’s music speaks well of her talent. And the crowd loved her. The guests this evening were a great mix. Top CEOs: corporate titans, business men, senior managers, silver spoon kids, show biz gurus, entertainment writers, musicians, comedians and performers.

Gloria Ibru’s band, the G-band, took command of the stage, allowing Alula to flow her music to the crowd with an expertise that is in-born. But Alula did not stop at singing only her personal songs; she explored the beauty of her voice, delivering the low and high pitched tones in other popular contemporary songs. And when she rounded up her command performance with a popular love-song, the crowd could not help but sing along with her. 

Her mother, Gloria Ibru, an acclaimed soul / jazz singer, was with a second mic. She naturally came alive with a light sexy baritone voice that eased the song to the ears of the crowd. So, it was also Gloria Ibru’s night, because most of the evening, Gloria held on to a second mic, and more or less sang along to most of the songs of other stars and artistes that performed that evening. 

Not surprising, that’s because, Mama G as she is fondly called, has known and performed with most of the stars and artistes that took the stage that cool evening.

As the late evening progressed into mid-night, music of the 80s and 90s took over Othello’s lounge. From the raw guitar string of an imported Rastafarian, specially searched out and discovered for this particular evening by Alula, came old Late Bob Marley’s songs. A good opening or cue for an equally imported Alex O, to take over the stage with good old skool music.

The evening’s entertainment was rich, sumptuous and it was not complete until Dede Mabiakwu (Dede de oooo) had taken over the stage, rendering one Fela hit song after another! He also did a major song from the list of songs in his forthcoming album, where he has one or two duet with Gloria Ibru. The tempo increased further more and peaked! I saw the spirit of music move most of the guests into land unknown! And at that point, Gloria Ibru had a dollar rain over her, as she danced to great fulfilment. 

Even when the night was over, the guests refused to go...

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