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Monday, 22 February 2016

Baroness Halima Fernandez still doting on Late billionaire husband

Months after the death and burial of her late husband billionaire Ambassador Deinde Anthonio
Fernandez in Belgium, his widow Baroness Halima Fernanadez is still struggling to come to grips
with life without her loving and caring husband.

Beautiful Halima as her close friends call her, is said to have told a friend that she has been missing
her dear husband, that he was very, very much an adorable man.

When the Ambassador Plenipotentiary married Halima many years back, despite the large turn out
and the general public excitement about the couple's marriage, a few society people doubted if the
marriage will last, especially since Ambassador Deinde Fernandez, had just few years before then
had a bitter divorce with his then wife.

But Halima's marriage to Ambassador Deinde Fernandez lasted, leaving no doubt in people's mind
as to the peace the billionaire found in the arms of his loving wife Halima Fernandez.
One cannot help concluding that Ambassador Deinde Fernandez must certainly have found
contentment in the years leading to his last days as the couple flew around the world on exclusive
holidays, with him taking time of to spoil her with precious gifts of love.

Their love life was like that of a story book come to life as Halima doted on him. Though presently
still grasping with picking up her life from where her late husband left it off through death, the

Baroness continues to spray the social media with photographs of love memories she had with her late husband through out her marital life.
...and the golden kiss that the Baroness still longs for.

Days back, Halima went visiting some of the romantic places she had once visited with her husband, trying to recapture some of those cherished memories.    

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