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Tuesday, 25 December 2018


… The traditional wedding everyone is talking about

L-R Pastor Johnson Kayode Adejayi; Pastor Mrs. Yemisi Kehinde Odejayi (groom's parents) Couple, Mr and Mrs Micheal Ibukun Odejayi; First Lady Of Ogun State, Chief Mrs. Olufunso Amosun: Chief Mrs. Olubimpe Abike Odubela and John Olusegun Odubela, SAN (bride's parents)

The solemnization of marriage between Barrister Oluwatosin and Barrister Ibukunolu, children of Mr. John Olusegun Odubela (SAN) and Chief Mrs. Olubimpe Abike Odubela on one hand and Pastor Johnson Kayode Odejayi and Pastor Mrs. Yemisi Kehinde Odejayi on the other hand, has come and gone, but the memories linger on.

The choice of December for the consummation of love between the Odubela bride Oluwatosin and the Odejayi groom Ibukunoluwa was perfectly chosen. The festive season was in the air, the aura of Christmas set the mood for love and sharing and the near harmattan weather beckoned on party lovers to adorn their best, along with party shoes to celebrate with the couple to be.

On Thursday December 20th the journey for the young couple took off at the plush Nicon Estate, in Lekki, Lagos, with the traditional wedding ceremony. The groom’s family arrived early to ask for the Odubela’s daughter’s hand in marriage. They came amidst drumming, singing and dancing to traditional and then Christian songs.

Mother of the bride
And the Odubela family was on hand to receive them with open arms of affection as friends and guests watched in admiration at the colourful event.  

The Odejayi’s came with gifts meant for the bride and her family: A well packaged set of items ranging from foodstuffs and other traditional requirements for a conjugal ceremony of this nature.

Mother of the groom
It was a happy day for dances and show of happiness. And the groom was in a good mood to do both. The drums orchestrated his arrival. He came rejoicing, decked in green coloured agbada and rocking a green sky view cap popularly known as fila eleti aja, and supported with his friends who had come to encourage him in his quest for the Odubela bride from her family.

From Ibukunoluwa’s countenance, his dance, his smiles, his swag and his eagerness, much was obvious that the ceremony was merely an official stamp of endorsement of a good thing that God has arranged. It was also obvious that the Odejayi’s family were not just coming to ask for a bride from the Odubela’s but that they were sure that the love that Ibukunoluwa has for the Odubela’s daughter Oluwatosin, was strong enough to surpass any resistance from the Odubela family. 

The Groom's father and the Bride's father

But the Odubela’s had to be cautious and await traditional consent from the entire family present at the ceremony. And that was after they were presented at the ceremony, with a silver-plaited letter of introduction and request from the Adejayi’s family. So, on behalf of John Olusegun Odubela (SAN), the mother of the bride Chief Mrs.Olubimpe Odubela, took the letter to the entire family members seated, to duly inform them and ask for their consent.

The couple
With approval received, the ceremony continued with drumming and more songs. The Odejayi’s were all beaming with happiness at their accomplishment. But all was not complete, as the Odubela family waited for their daughter’s consent!

The groom's family arrive the venue

So, Oluwatosin Odubela the beautiful bride was called in to the venue. She was ushered in with music from the ‘Faith Band.’ Again, from her countenance, her dance steps, her lovely smiles and the coy manner she repeatedly looked at Ibukunoluwa and the way he smiled in return, the Odubela family already got the message. The bride had given them the green light they needed to proceed with the event. But she had to say it and identify him to her family.

And so, Ibukuoluwa and the entire Odejayi family were accepted into the Odubela family and vice versa with traditional songs, more drumming, dances, hugging and photographs.

As if on cue, the Wife of the Executive Governor of Ogun State Mrs. Olufunso Amosun arrived. She must have planned not to miss this particular important moment of the ceremony. It was the height of excitement as she was there when the exchange of vows were made, and had the opportunity of taking part in the first set of photographs with the new couple and the immediate family.

There were other special guests at the ceremony, which was attended by about 30 Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN). Some of those that were there included: Chief Ladi Williams SAN, Professor Taiwo Osipitan SAN, Mr Babajide Koku SAN, Chief Emeka Ngige SAN, Mr Ken Anya SAN, Mr Yode Delano SAN, Mr Yele Delano SAN, Dr Wale Olawoyin SAN, Mr Olusina Sofola SAN,
Prince Segun Ajibola SAN, Chief Folu Oguntade SAN, Mr Dele Belgore SAN, Mr Olumide Fusika SAN, Bamofin Abiodun Owonikoko SAN, Dr Obi SAN, Mr Ade Adedeji SAN, Mr Adeniyi Adegbonmire SAN, Chief Bolaji Ayorinde SAN, Mr Kemi Balogun SAN and Mr Toyin Pinheiro SAN. 

Other special guests included, Oba Olufemi Ogunleye the Towulade of Akinale in Ogun state, Hon. Ayinde Balogun, Joel Oluwagbemiro, Aremo Adeniyi Oyedele, Otunba Owopele Shonowo and wife Erelu Toyin Shonowo, Dr. & Dr. Mrs Bob Soile, Dr. John and Dr. Mary Shotunde, Mr Tokunbo Modupe  and a host of others.

At this particular ceremony, the bride was allowed the opportunity to pick just one from the items that Ibukunola and his family had earlier brought as gifts. From the lot, the wise bride chose a white bible which was used in prayers and the raining down of blessings upon her, her new husband and new home.

There was the ceremonial cutting of the cake, couple feeding each other, photograph session and refreshments. The Odubela’s spoiled their guests with sumptuous gourmet, a variety of food choices to pick from, which made even the puritanical religious persons who was on fast that day, to forcefully break their fast!

The drinks flowed, choice wine, the regulars and the traditional local brew palm wine which came in handy for many of the city folks who do not regularly come in contact with it.   

The groom, who spoke later, said he was happy to be at home with the Odubelas. He said that when he met Oluwatosin, he saw in her the signs of a good home.   

There was a touch of royalty at the event, His Royal Majesty Oba-Olufemi Ogunleye the Towulade of Akinale in Ogun state, who became a barrister at the age of 74, said he was at the event for two reasons. Firstly, he was officially invited and secondly, he was there to represent his ex classmates at the Nigerian Law School, those who couldn’t be at the event. Kabiyesi had been a course mate of Oluwatosin and Ibukunoluwa at the Nigeria Law School, where the couple also met as friends for the first time.

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