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Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Tears, sad tears, mourning, and happy tears for a life well lived, by the late Dr. Oluniyi Babatunde Omosaiye.

It is indeed an emotional mix and more as family, friends and well-wishers begin to gather at the Omosaiye's home this evening.

Even before the formal take-off of the proceedings, people are sharing with one another, the joyful moments they had with the late gentleman when he was alive.

We here, publish two of the moving tributes that vividly describe the late Omosaiye:

Dara’s Tribute

I remember his bright smile when we came over, we played Mancala together. You were so happy and I was happy that I could finally meet you.

Love you very much and I know that you will always be in my heart no matter where I am.

Grandpa be well and God loves you as much as anyone in the entire world. I miss you so much and keep your wonderful smile with you no matter where you go. My prayer is that you will enter God's kingdom and you will live with him.
                              - Dara Omosaiye


Bro Dr O B Omosaiye is the beloved husband of my Church Society Matron , Mrs Olutundun Omosaiye.

l found him to be a  very supportive, liberal and progressive husband to my sister & matron.

He was a very devout Christian and takes active part in all church events.
He was also a  very dotting father to his children.

He was very supportive of all activities of our Society, The Unity Sisters of City Mission Methodist Church. l found him to be a very gentle and patient person as he waits patiently for his wife who is usually very active in church and gets involved in various activities in the church.

He was an embodiment of feminine encouragement without which attributes and support his wife would not have achieved such success and impact in Unity Sisters as President and later Matron, and President of llupeju Lions Club.

l also know that his favourite meal was pounded yam, as his wife would whisper in my ears when l was President of UNITY Sisters "Please permit me to go now to make pounded yam for my hubby, as his meal time is overdue!!"

We would laugh and l would say " permission granted aya Doctor to mo itoju oko!!"

May his loving soul continue to rest in perfect peace in Jesus mighty name . Amen.

Mrs Mojisola Osiyemi
Matron, UNITY Sisters.

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